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Add Import Assistant to Fedora


Add a program(here called Import Assistant) in Fedora 11 that imports user data,setting from previous fedora installation(even windows or mac os x) to the new fedora installation.

I think there is a need of a (stand-alone)program or an addon that imports userfiles,configurations to the new fedora system that is going to be installed. So, i think import assisant is such an migration helper like Ubuntu Migration Assistant[1]. For example: During a fresh installation of Fedora 11.Import Assistant should be able to import a user home directory files(like form Music,Documents,Videos etc including all those folders), program configurations such as firefox boomarks etc.


  • Name: Ujjwol

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 11
  • Last updated: (DATE)
  • Percentage of completion: XX%

Detailed Description

Import Assistant should be able to complete following taks: --Migrating a data(documents, pictures, others ,even wallpaper etc) from old/previous Fedora(Windows and Mac OS X would wider it use...) installation to the new fedora installation(mostly to user home) providing chocies from which directory to import or what to import...

--importing of all instant messenger settings, including logs and passwords (like of pidgin,empathy,emesene,kopete,gyachi,x-chat,konversation and others)

--importing of all PIM data from Outlook and Evolution including actual email, calendar data, and notes...

--importing web browser data such as cookies,bookmarks,setting,proxy settings, and cross-platform Firefox plugins

--importing of all fonts,themes,icons set that user added to previous fedora desktop(if possible)

--importing of wireless access points with WPA and WEP keys from previous installation..

--importing of all things like addons should check compatibility issues with new software in the newer installation (for example:)like, not importing incompatible firefox plugins....and others

--any other things that users might need which i might have left

Benefit to Fedora

It will help user to get into their data and setting in new fedora easily.


Test Plan

User Experience


Contingency Plan


Release Notes

Why is this needed when there is upgrade option already available?

"Upgrade" option has been available in fedora installation, but many times it fails and the newer installation is sluggish and is not as good and fast as the clean installation(as many user complain), so Import Assistant would help them to do a upgrade in a clean fedora installation, which is not sluggish as it just a importing of files,or settings not a package upgrade like previous upgrade options.

Final notes

Finally, I am requesting this feature as an user of fedora and a person unable to program(as i am still in my high school days and I am taught Visual Basic in my school). And i think this documentation will help fedora developers to develop this feature...

And thanks to thomasj,evilbob for pointing me to write this wiki..... and hope this feature will get integrated in fedora 11...