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Feature Name

KDE 4.2


Rebase to KDE 4.2 and offer new features such as PolicyKit-KDE, NetworkManager plasma applet etc.


  • KDE SIG (jreznik AT redhat DOT com)
  • IRC: #fedora-kde

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 11
  • Last updated: 2009-03-04
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

Status for Feature Freeze

  • KDE 4.2 is complete (100%) - only a few open issues
  • PolicyKit-kde (100%) - solved by Provides: PolicyKit-authentication-agent, no more Gnome deps; open issue rhbz#484945 - it's OK for KDE spin, thus 100%
  • Network Manager Plasma applet (100%) - in progress, already in Rawhide (latest SVN), it's not going to be default one nm applet but we let it optional, thus 100% done
  • PowerDevil (100%) - part of KDE 4.2
  • Faster startup (100%) - in progress, 10 sec for first run
  • Branding depends on artwork team (0%) - targeting Preview release as usual for artwork :(

Feature is ready for F11.

KOffice 2 is not ready for general consumption. We continue shipping KOffice 1, KOffice 2 will be available as preview from unofficial repository. Upstream stated it gets generally usable near the end of this year. See

Detailed Description

We are going to rebase KDE to 4.2 version. The aim of upstream KDE team is to bring feature rich release comparable to old KDE 3.5 one. PolicyKit-KDE is KDE frontend for PolicyKit, which is extensively used all around the whole Fedora distribution. Same for the Network Manager - plasma applet is next step in its support in KDE and Fedora. PowerDevil will help with power management - very important part of this feature especially for laptop users.

New features overview

  • KDE 4.2
  • PolicyKit-KDE
  • Network Manager Plasma applet
  • PowerDevil
  • Make KDE startup faster
  • Continue work on Fedora branding effort

Benefit to Fedora

KDE is popular desktop environment among Fedora users and KDE 4.2 brings to users missing features from previous releases of 4th generation KDE. It's already comparable to the old 3.5 one.


Requires rebasing to the latest upstream version and preparing distribution specific patches. Packages depending on KDE have to be updated (Plasma packages already prepared for KDE 4.2).

Modified packages

How To Test

  1. yum groupinstall "KDE (K Desktop Environment)"
  2. set KDE as default environment + KDM
  3. login to KDE desktop

or use Fedora KDE Desktop spin

What should be checked (KDE):

  • integration of PolicyKit-KDE (live CD only)
  • Network Manager plasma applet (optional component)
    • check if Network Management is running and applet is included in panel
    • settings
    • connection to open/secured network
    • VPN connection
  • power management
    • check if Power Devil is running and applet is included in panel
  • first run startup time
  • distribution integration - (Policy/Console)Kit, DBUS
  • custom branding changes (KDM theme, KSplash theme, artwork) - for Preview Release

User Experience

Modern, feature rich and stable desktop environment. Users should notice faster startup.


Depends on upstream KDE 4.2 release, see schedule - satisfied. PolicyKit-kde depends on Gnome dependencies issues resolution.

Custom Fedora branding depends on Fedora Artwork team! Expected for Preview Release.

Contingency Plan

Given how the KDE 4.2 and Fedora 11 schedules align, there should be plenty of buffer time between the KDE 4.2 and Fedora 11 releases. We are already working on importing and polishing beta version of KDE. In case of problems with upstream release we can revert to older release or we can omit individual problematic modules of this feature. KDE 4.2 could be later shipped as an update.


The Fedora KDE Destop User Guide is very important part of this feature for users. It guides users how-to use the new KDE 4 Desktop and it's targeted to both former KDE 3.5 user and first time KDE 4 users.

Fedora KDE Desktop User Guide (draft)

Upstream documentation sites:

Release Notes

This release features KDE 4.2.

KDE 4.2 is the latest release of KDE 4 and provides many new features, usability improvements, and bugfixes over KDE 4.1 release. KDE 4.2 can be considered as a full, feature rich replacement for older KDE 3.5 series. This new release includes improved Plasma Desktop with new NetworkManager Plasma applet, extended power management capabilities, better integration with Fedora and faster startup.

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