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Add the ability to post and comment on bugs via or twitter.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 16
  • Last updated: (DATE)
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed Description

One should be able to post bugs, comments, screenshots and +1 bugs via or twitter. Bugzilla could be integrated with this and bug reporting could be done in a "sociable" fashion.

Benefit to Fedora

Bug reporting would become simpler and we could expect more users to contribute on commenting on bugs, voting for them or, even, posting patches or workarounds to them. All this can be documented by bugzilla or some other kind of service. Easier bug reporting will facilitate that more users contribute. At the end, bug reporting is naturally social.


A bugzilla plugin should have to be developed so it tracks the MicroBugs. An API to access this. Work on the wiki to learn how to use this and, maybe, a plugin for some gnome client so it could be done easily. Some graphics on a reporting web app.

How To Test

Develop the bugzilla plugin that listens to a bug group @ Send some messages to it reporting bugs and have bugzilla check for dupes; respond via twitter to offer those and, if not, assign a bug number or attach those to current bugs. Display some simple info on some reporting site. Vote for current bugs and share them to more fedora users so they can confirm or help out.

User Experience

Users would be reporting bugs in a short and wasy way. Bugzilla can keep asking questions as needed and responses would take far less time. Also, screenshots could be attached and, maybe, even core dumps.


Bugzilla plugin, micro-blogging client integration, a micro-blogging group ( group)

Contingency Plan

Deactivate the plugin and bring down the bugs group.


Release Notes

Participate on bug reporting with your favorite MicroBlogging client! It's as easy as sending messages to our bug group and, bugzilla, will interview you on what you need to provide in order for the bug to be posted. You can, also, vote for bugs that you're experiencing and, if you know the answer, post workarounds and patches to it.

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