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Feature Acceptance


Acceptance by FESCo is a sanity check, presumed in most cases to be a formality, to ensure that new features compliment Fedora's guidelines and is manageable, prior to publicizing as officially targeted for the next release.

Feature acceptance is agreement by FESCo that a particular feature is:

  1. consistent with the goals and policies of Fedora while within the laws governing the corporate entity sponsoring Fedora--Red Hat.
  2. supported by the Fedora leadership.
  3. suitable for listing as an Official Feature of the next release of Fedora
  4. important to track prior to feature freeze and could affect timeliness of release


  1. The Feature Owner adds the feature page to Category:FeatureReadyForWrangler by adding the following text to the bottom of their feature page: Category:FeatureReadyForWrangler--it is already in the feature template.
  2. The Feature Wrangler reviews page for completeness and marks it as ready for review at FESCo's next meeting by changing it to Category:FeatureReadyForFesco
  3. FESCo secretary sends out FESCo weekly meeting reminder to fedora-devel-list with a CC to the feature owner so they can attend to represent their feature and answer any questions
  4. FESCo reviews individual feature pages and votes to approve or deny the feature.
    1. More than 50% of voting FESCo members must be in agreement to approve or deny.
    2. The feature owner or proxy should be in attendance at this FESCo meeting to answer questions or provide clarification.
  5. After a FESCo vote the Feature Wrangler:
    1. Adds accepted features to the accepted category [[:Category:FeatureAcceptedFX]]
    2. Moves un-accepted features to Category:FeaturePageIncomplete
    3. Updates the overall feature summary for the release at Releases/X/FeatureList

Watch your page!
Set a watch on your page so you are notified when its category or state changes. Ensure you are logged in, and then click watch at the top of your feature page.