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Thunderbird 3


Upgrade Thunderbird to the latest release in the Mozilla 1.9.1 series. This equates to Thunderbird 3.


  • Name: JanHorak , ChristopherAillon
  • Email: jhorak at redhat dot com , caillon at redhat dot com

Current status

Detailed Description

Rebase Thunderbird to the latest 3.0 release.

Benefit to Fedora

There are many improvements to the code in the Mozilla 1.9.1/TB3 branch including some nice performance wins. It will also give Fedora the latest release in the new line of code and prevent us from having a stale release which could potentially be EOL'd by upstream during F11's lifetime.


Rebuild Thunderbird.

Test Plan

  1. Same as the Firefox 3.1 plan, but run against Thunderbird. The two have very similar codepaths since they are based on the same gecko.

User Experience

  1. Mail should be somewhat faster due to various improvements
  2. Better IMAP support
  3. New Add-ons manager (a la FF 3.x)



Contingency Plan

There is no turning back.


Release Notes