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Introducing and ensuring that all the applications that need only the Gecko browser engine are using XULRunner before the Fedora 9 release.


  • Name: ChristopherAillon

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 9
  • Last updated: 2008-04-10
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

Xulrunner has appeared in rawhide on September 18. Dependencies need to be rebuilt. Xulrunner disappeared again from rawhide on September 19, since unexpected API changes caused the dependencies to no longer build against it... At this point, xulrunner has become an F9 feature. xulrunner made another appearance in rawhide on November 13, this time it is going to stay.

Usage cases/rationale

Applications which require the Gecko engine today depend on Firefox on the whole. XULRunner is the Mozilla effort to split the browser engine for application that require only that without having to pull in the user interface parts too. This would provide more API/ABI stability and a cleaner build environment for applications using Gecko.


Requires the introduction of XULRunner into the Fedora branch. It is already in the OLPC branch in Fedora. It also requires rebuilding the following applications to built against XULRunner instead of Firefox.

You may find some developers how-to at FeatureXULRunnerAPIChanges .

Packages that already run with XULRunner:

Package Bugzilla BZ Status
blam #434382 done, but currently broken in rawhide due to mono stack issues (see bz)
chmsee #395661 done
eclipse done
gecko-sharp2 done
gnash done, needs only /usr/lib(64)/mozilla/plugins
gnome-chemistry-utils done
gtkmozembedmm #400781 done
gxine done
HelixPlayer-plugin done, needs only /usr/lib(64)/mozilla/plugins
java-1.7.0-icedtea #427350 done
listen done
opensc done, needs only /usr/lib(64)/mozilla/plugins
nspluginwrapper done
openvrml #402661 build fine, needs rebuild in koji
ruby-gnome2 #402591 done, still needs testing (koji build )
swfdec-mozilla done, needs only /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
totem rawhide builds with loads of warnings
xine-plugin done, needs only /usr/lib(64)/mozilla/plugins
devhelp #394511 #399441 done
epiphany #356731 done, still needs testing
epiphany-extensions done.
yelp done, still needs testing
gnome-web-photo #387371 done
galeon #404271 apparently builds, some problems with display of fonts which are related to finding the right DPI for screen not xulrunner per se

Packages that need to rebuild against XULRunner:

Package Bugzilla BZ Status
gnome-python2-extras doesn't build against current xulrunner
gnomesword failed
kazehakase, kazehakase-ruby #402641 failed
liferea #399541 fails to build with xulrunner support, but does "work" in that it falls back to the gtkhtml backend
Miro #393521 as of 1.2.2-test Miro builds in F-9 without patching and Miro runs, but display of web components fails, (upstream bug says that works on Ubuntu/hardy using xulrunner b4 )

Test Plan

Test to make sure that all the applications listed above are built against XULRunner and function as expected. Note that upstream for different applications have already co-ordinated and tested these changes so the changes should not be disruptive but Fedora is very likely to be first mainstream distribution to be integrating XULRunner as opposed to be merely having it in the repository so encouraging user feedback on the test release announcements would be a good idea.


No other feature dependencies.


Introduce XULrunner in rawhide. Announce the change in fedora-devel-announce list and request maintainers to rebuild against XULrunner instead of Firefox or let the maintainer or small team of people coordinate and do the rebuilds.

Contingency Plan

Not applicable. This feature is already in rawhide and will not be coming out as it is closely related to Firefox 3 (another new feature in Fedora 9).


Must be documented in the release notes for Fedora 9.

Release Notes

  • TODO