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  • Date/Time: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 / 3:00-3:30 PM
  • Video File: (to be uploaded)
  • FAS Account: (withheld for privacy for now)
  • Browser used: firefox-3.5.2-2.fc11.x86_64
  • Computer used: Mo's x61 laptop
  • Package maintainership: 1 package, new maintainer (< 1 week)

Introduction / First Impressions

  1. Have you seen this site before? If so, where did you hear about it?
    • I first heard of it two days ago when you asked for volunteers to try this usability test. I'm a new package maintainer as of less than a week ago.
  2. Have you used this site before? If so, what have you used it for? How did that go? How often have you used this site?
    • No, but I poked at it briefly when you mentioned it in your call for testers. I meant to file a bug because I received a cryptic failure when I clicked on the F12 latest builds.
  3. (On front page) What are your first impressions, looking at this site now?
    • It looks like a standard Fedora-branded website.
  4. (On front page) What do you think this site is?
    • I'm assuming it's a mechanism for picking up and dropping packages. I'm not sure if it handles kicking off builds. I did my first koji build on Friday.
  5. (On front page) Any other comments you'd like to make about this site?
    • The picture of Kyle is a little creepy! I think it's a bit off-putting. Maybe something friendlier?
  6. (On front page) What do you think of this page? Where would you click first?
    • I would probably log in using these fields here, assuming it uses my FAS account.



  1. View your profile on this site. What do you think about it? Is the information accurate? Do your group memberships seem accurate? Do your package affiliations seem accurate?
    • Clicks on 'View profile' in the right sidebar
    • The commit group for the sssd package is missing from my list of groups.
    • I'm a maintainer-only for this package, so I can't see its builds since it only appears to show packages that a person *owns*. But I need to be able to see builds for packages I'm listed as *maintainer* for as well.
  2. You've just spoken with Dennis Gilmore and he's asked you to open a ticket for him in a trac instance. In order to cc Dennis on the ticket, you'll need to figure out his FAS account name. Where would you go to look it up?
    • Click on the 'people' tab on the left.
    • These are ordered by user name. I can't switch the order. I want to search by last name.
    • Uses search at top of screen. Searches for Gilmore - Dennis Gilmore doesn't show up.
    • Uses search at top of screen. Searches for 'Dennis', unchecking the 'packages' button. Dennis Gilmore doesn't show up.


  1. Do you have any unpushed updates? Where would you go to look this up?
    • Clicks 'package maintenance' on left side. Doesn't see it.
    • uses search box. Searches for 'sssd' package
    • likes listing of packages alongside subpackages.
    • He would also want to know which packages his build would kick off rebuilds for based on deps.
    • Looks like I don't have any unpushed updates.
  2. How are your builds doing? Where would you go to look this up?
    • Clicks on the main 'package maintenance' tab on the left. Instead of bringing him to the main package maintenance overview screen, it bring him to the front page of the sssd package.
    • Clicks 'package info' on the screen, which brings him to pkgdb. not what he was looking ofr.
    • Goes to the sssd 'overview' tab.
    • Clicks on the builds tab. looks good but it's just for sssd's builds.
    • Not sure where to see all of my builds? Let me try -
      • clicks on 'my profile' in right sidebar (has to scroll way down)
      • goes to my builds
      • look here, sssd is listed as owned by me rather than maintained. that's different than before. weird.
  3. Let's say you have a friend who is a little bit behind the times - she is running Fedora 9. There's an annoying Inkscape bug that bothers her - after searching the internet for a bit you found out the bug is fixed in Inkscape version 0.47.
    • Is Inkscape version 0.47 available in Fedora 9 for your friend?
      • uses searchbar to search for 'inkscape'
      • clicks on inkscape to view package details
      • this only listed active releases, so F9 is not listed on there.
      • what i would tr y next is to click on builds to check koji.
      • checks koji page - looks like .46-2 was the last for F9.
    • If Inkscape version 0.47 is not available for Fedora 9, can you download an SRPM here to build it for her?
      • goes back to inkscape details page, clicks 'downloads', finds it



  1. You need help with yelp. Who's the package maintainer?
    • searches for yelp
    • clicks to view yelp package details
    • clicks the maintainers tab in the right sidebar
    • wow that's a lot of maintainers, i'd ping the first person i knew in the list likely
  2. Luke Macken is going away on vacation for a couple of weeks and he's asked you to look over his packages while he's gone. How many packages does he have, and do any of them need attention? Where would you go to look this up?
    • searches for macken
    • wow this is slow, time for a coffee!
    • click on luke's name
    • takes a really long time to load, then locks up. has to reload page, then it loads fine.
    • looks like Luke has 72 packages. I'm not sure if any need attention though.
    • i would want to be able to lend packages to someone and set alerts, so if something needs attention it emails me if im helping out


  1. How would you file a bug against NetworkManager using this system?
    • searches for 'network manager'
    • clicks link to view network manager package details
    • goes to details > maint > bugs in the right sidebar
    • clicks 'open new bug' button
    • i would like BZ to auto log me in. but if this were my computer i probably would be logged in already anyway.
    • very slow to load.
  2. What has changed in the 'ruby' package over the last few updates? Where would you go to look this up?
    • searches for 'ruby'
    • clicks on changelog in right sidebar
    • easy!
  3. How's the karma of your current testing updates doing? How would you check up on this in Fedora Community?
    • I don't have any updates in testing now
    • if i did... searches for sssd package
    • goes to package details page for sssd
    • instinct is that there shuld be a list under 'active releases', versions in testing, but it's not there
    • searches for ipa-server package
    • search takes forever. firefox locks up. fail.


  1. How well does Fedora Community support your package maintenance workflow?
    • I'm not sure. It looks useful for monitoring packages, but it doesn't seem to help me update or change packages. It would be really nice if it let me kick off rebuilds if the deps bumped because of a .so file change. It would be REALLY nice to be able to view the dependency tree.
  2. Would you use Fedora Community to help maintain your packages? Which parts?
    • The search function is better than pkgdb because it shows packages and subpackages.
    • I would use this as a central source for managing bodhi updates if it works the way I think it does.
    • I could use this to track down maintainers of other packages too.
    • there's nothing new here, but it's a lot easier to use than pkgdb.
  3. Is there any essential functionality missing from Fedora Community that would help you maintain your packages more easily?
    • package dependency tree
    • kickoff rebuild, bump revision
  4. Did you learn anything about Fedora Community's functionality through this test?
    • yes
  5. What do you think is the most useful function of Fedora Community?
    • searching for a package, being able to search subpackages
  6. What are the least useful functions of Fedora Community?
    • searching for people - if you know their name, you can't search on it.