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  • Date/Time: Friday, 16 October 2009 / 3 PM
  • Video Files:
  • FAS Account: (withheld for privacy for now)
  • Browser used: firefox-3.0.1-1.fc9.i386
  • Computer used: Mo's T41 laptop (Fedora 9)
  • Package maintainership: 3 packages, new maintainer

Introduction / First Impressions

  1. Have you seen this site before? If so, where did you hear about it?
    • Yes, found out about it on fedora-announce I think; also see banner ad on front page of fedoraproject.og
  2. Have you used this site before? If so, what have you used it for? How did that go? How often have you used this site?
    • Yes, I've used it to find out who owns a package. It went well. It was useful because it showed just how many packages that person owned, which made it clear they were overloaded. Used infrequently - maybe only 2 times since it launched.
  3. (On front page) What are your first impressions, looking at this site now?
    • When I first saw it, I was confused about what it was. It's not clear from the name. I didn't know what any of this stuff was 3 months ago before I became a maintainer - the lingo was not accessibl. It seems aimed more towards people already involved in Fedora, and doesn't seem to have a path for newbies to learn more about it and get started.
  4. (On front page) What do you think this site is?
    • First thoughts: Why do we need a community? What more do we need? A forum? We already have one. It didn't seem associated with package management.
  5. (On front page) Any other comments you'd like to make about this site?
    • Does people search work without login? It should tell me it would if I was logged in.
  6. (On front page) What do you think of this page? Where would you click first?
    • Not sure, there's a few paths I might take:
      • log in
        • first reaction - do i have an account here?
        • if i dont have a log in - I go to sign up. dumps me to the FAS page, which looks really different. what am i really signing up for here? This doesn't look the same.
      • take the tour
      • search, try my user name. it didn't work!



  1. View your profile on this site. What do you think about it? Is the information accurate? Do your group memberships seem accurate? Do your package affiliations seem accurate?
    • click on my profile in left bar (my first instinct is to click my name in the upper right. both work!)
    • IRC/email/Timezone look right
    • I really like that my blog is here! And showing this for other users gives you a feel for how active they are
    • 'go to users packagers' for *my* packages <= typo/messup in right sidebar
    • in-progress builds are not so useful for me since i only own 3 packages.
    • i would like to see my trac tickets here, but they're not.
  2. You've just spoken with Dennis Gilmore and he's asked you to open a ticket for him in a trac instance. In order to cc Dennis on the ticket, you'll need to figure out his FAS account name. Where would you go to look it up?
    • FC isn't where i would start. I'd ask in IRC or i'd ak FAS bot.
    • search for dennis gilmore at search box up top
    • no luck, tries gilmore
    • no luck, tries dgilmore
    • no luck, tries dennis
      • people search works only if logged in, if not you need to advertise it better
    • goes to google
    • searches for dennis' wiki user page
    • finds a package dennis owns
    • looks up package in fcomm - oh there's his FA name - ausil


  1. Do you have any unpushed updates? Where would you go to look this up?
    • clicks on name in upper right
    • goes to 'packages i own'
    • looks under updates => unpushed
    • no unpushed updates!
  2. How are your builds doing? Where would you go to look this up?
    • goes to 'alerts' in lower right of profile
    • there's counts here
    • i alo see links under 'builds' - do these provide additional information, or are they redundant to what this alerts app just told me?
  3. Let's say you have a friend who is a little bit behind the times - she is running Fedora 9. There's an annoying Inkscape bug that bothers her - after searching the internet for a bit you found out the bug is fixed in Inkscape version 0.47.
    • Is Inkscape version 0.47 available in Fedora 9 for your friend?
      • my first instinct would be to look in pkgdb but i'll try this
      • search for inkscape, clicks on it
      • looks at details
      • doesn't look like f9 is in active releases
      • looks at builds from right sidebar
      • doesn't help. no help.
      • i'm not 100% sure but i don't think it is.
    • If Inkscape version 0.47 is not available for Fedora 9, can you download an SRPM here to build it for her?
      • clicks on 'source' link out to viewcvs in the middle of the screen
      • dumps out to viewcvs
      • confusing. wait there's f9 stuff here?
      • that's .46, need .47
      • look at one of the later versions
      • F11 hass .47, click on sources, grab spec file



  1. You need help with yelp. Who's the package maintainer?
    • searches for yelp up top
    • okay it's mbarnes
    • difference between owners and maintainers???
  2. Luke Macken is going away on vacation for a couple of weeks and he's asked you to look over his packages while he's gone. How many packages does he have, and do any of them need attention? Where would you go to look this up?
    • searches for lmacken, there he is, clicks
    • i assume i'm just looking for packages he owns, not maintains - he didn't specify
    • wow he owns a lot
    • looks at his package alerts - 1 build suceeded
    • BUG! lmacken's alerts for packages on his profile, when she clicks on them, instead dump her to those pages on *her* profile not luke's.


  1. How would you file a bug against NetworkManager using this system?
    • do i have to use this?
    • network manager comes up in search in lowercase, great, cap don't matter
    • clicks bugs link out to bz, goes out to bz, report (in main content area)
    • shown an alternative - clicks maintenance tools, then bugs in right sidebar.
      • rename s/maintenance tools/help with this package? maybe? for bugs dashboard?
  2. What has changed in the 'ruby' package over the last few updates? Where would you go to look this up?
    • searches for 'ruby' - but i wonder about people named 'ruby'?
    • goes to maint tools > updates > doesn't tell me what changed here
    • goes back to details page for ruby, looks at changelog at bottom, there you go
    • i don't see any way to get a diff here
  3. How's the karma of your current testing updates doing? How would you check up on this in Fedora Community?
    • what's karma?
    • what's a releae?
    • package details doesn't show karma anywhere on the screen
    • go to my profile
    • search for karma using firefox search, nothing
    • go to user's packages, not sure how to look outside of fcomm
    • would ask in IRC, i've only heard of karma once before
    • search for karma in searchbar at top - nothing
    • search google for karma fedora....
    • FAIL


  1. How well does Fedora Community support your package maintenance workflow?
    • I have a package owrkflow?
    • I don't know, i'm new, have a small number of packages, and learned how to do stuff outside of fedora community
    • I learned through IRC and was taught the old workflow
    • i could see it being useful though, a screenshot tutorial geared towards new packagers, step-by-step, would be useful
  2. Would you use Fedora Community to help maintain your packages? Which parts?
    • yeh i would want to use everything you walked me thru here except karma
    • i don't understand karma
    • package deps - i could use this to research the packages my packages depend on
    • i wouldn't use this to look up updates i made myself, maybe other packages though
    • finding out who owns a package
    • finding out who maintains a package
    • what does their workload look like? are they a red hat person and do this as a day job? are they MIA? (can tell they are not MIA if they have recent blog posts)
  3. Is there any essential functionality missing from Fedora Community that would help you maintain your packages more easily?
    • documentation on how to use
    • need docs on 'how to use workflow' - workflow oriented rather than feature oriented
    • good for existing old timers, but need to set this up to get new package maintainers involved and on board
    • be a package maint pro - do you want to get started being a package? you can be a packager too! here's some examples.
    • for old timers - that's great but i already do this!
  4. Did you learn anything about Fedora Community's functionality through this test?
    • yes
  5. What do you think is the most useful function of Fedora Community?
    • search for finding maintainers and other stuff they maintain
    • for some reason people are more helpful for me to look up here than packages
  6. What are the least useful functions of Fedora Community?
    • karma