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  • Date/Time: Wednesday 6 December 2009
  • Video Files:
    • Part A: TBA
    • Part B: TBA
  • FAS Account: (withheld for privacy for now)
  • Browser used: firefox-3.5.6-1.fc12.x86_64
  • Computer used: Mo's x61 laptop (Fedora 12)
  • Package maintainership: Own 18, maintain 2

Introduction / First Impressions

  1. Have you seen this site before? If so, where did you hear about it?
    • yes, but i haven't seen it fully
    • I think I heard about it on IRC or on a mailing list
  2. Have you used this site before? If so, what have you used it for? How did that go? How often have you used this site?
    • i've looked through it, browsing
    • it looked ok but it didn't seem to provide much functinoality
    • I haven't used it often. Once or twice.
  3. (On front page) What are your first impressions, looking at this site now?
    • great login space
    • shows latest builds
    • widget on the right side is broken
  4. (On front page) What do you think this site is?
    • a site to maintain packages
    • stuff related to maintaining packages
    • a way to unite all the package maintenance apps
  5. (On front page) Any other comments you'd like to make about this site?
    • not really
  6. (On front page) What do you think of this page? Where would you click first?
    • login



  1. View your profile on this site. What do you think about it? Is the information accurate? Do your group memberships seem accurate? Do your package affiliations seem accurate?
    • logs in
    • clicks 'my profile' on the right
    • yes
    • many missing groups - this shows 5 but i'm in 20
    • clicks membership top tab => sees more but not all
    • pacakges: looks at right sidebar => clicks to view more => packages owned looks right
  2. You've just spoken with Dennis Gilmore and he's asked you to open a ticket for him in a trac instance. In order to cc Dennis on the ticket, you'll need to figure out his FAS account name. Where would you go to look it up?
    • top search, types 'dennis gilmore'
    • but he's not there
    • tries 'luya' - finds him


  1. Do you have any unpushed updates? Where would you go to look this up?
    • i think i do
    • clicks package maintenance in the left sidebar
    • clicks updates top tab
    • looks like I can push to stable, right?
    • broken.
  2. How are your builds doing? Where would you go to look this up?
    • clicks 'builds' top tab
    • logs have been purged
    • i like the hover menu to branch out to other apps
    • so many errors, i didn't realize this was builds failing. I thought fedora community was failing.
    • oh i can create an update here.
  3. Let's say you have a friend who is a little bit behind the times - she is running Fedora 10. There's an annoying Inkscape bug that bothers her - after searching the internet for a bit you found out the bug is fixed in Inkscape version 0.47.
    • Is Inkscape version 0.47 available in Fedora 10 for your friend?
      • clicks 'search' in left navbar
      • searches for 'inkscape'
      • clicks on inkscape search result
      • yes it's available in testing
    • If Inkscape version 0.47 is not available for Fedora 10, can you download an SRPM here to build it for her?
      • clicked on 'builds' link in the 'package links' grey box - no
      • scrolls down details page for inkscape, sees changelog, looks at the right sidebar, see all packages => updates
      • keeps scrolling details page and clicks out to package DB
      • sees 'source' link in package links => confused
      • right sidebar? no
        • fail



  1. You need help with yelp. Who's the package maintainer?
    • goes to top search
    • types 'yelp' clicks on the yelp search result
    • 'mbarnes'
    • bug in details page
  2. Luke Macken is going away on vacation for a couple of weeks and he's asked you to look over his packages while he's gone. How many packages does he have, and do any of them need attention? Where would you go to look this up?
    • we skipped this one because user profiles stopped loading completely


  1. How would you file a bug against NetworkManager using this system?
    • goes to the top searchbox
    • searches for 'Network Manager'
    • clicks to view network manager details
    • sees 'bugs' in right sidebar
    • it's broken, bugs page won't load
  2. What has changed in the 'ruby' package over the last few updates? Where would you go to look this up?
    • types 'ruby' in the top search bar
    • scrolls down details page and sees changelog
  3. How's the karma of your current testing updates doing? How would you check up on this in Fedora Community?
    • clicks on 'package maintenance' left tab
    • clicks on 'updates' top tab
    • scrolls down to 'testing updates' section


  1. How well does Fedora Community support your package maintenance workflow?
    • it would very well without the bugs we hit in it
  2. Would you use Fedora Community to help maintain your packages? Which parts?
    • sure
    • pushing updates to stable would be useful
    • seeing build status in one place is useful
  3. Is there any essential functionality missing from Fedora Community that would help you maintain your packages more easily?
    • one missing thing - I want to update a bunch at the same time - to submit them as one update
  4. Did you learn anything about Fedora Community's functionality through this test?
    • i had only looked at the front page
    • i don't trust it totally because my group memberships were listed wrong
    • having builds and updates in one spot is valuable
    • i didn't know i could file BZs with it
  5. What do you think is the most useful function of Fedora Community?
    • pulls everything together into one unifed portal
  6. What are the least useful functions of Fedora Community?
    • most difficult was downloading an SRPM or binary - couldn't find it