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9th Encuentro Linux


The story goes back the year 2000, when the first Encuentro Linux was celebrated. It started as a national event, but quickly (in its 2nd or 3rd year) escalated to international attendance and keynotes speakers. Encuentro Linux is the mayor event in Chile for the Linux and OpenSource community.

The attendance varies from year to year, but normally between 500 to 800. This year, the organization is planning on an attendance of 1000 persons. Chile, being a large but thin country, makes traveling costs quite expensive. Also, this event location rotates every year from north, center and south of the country. (Mainly for the same reason).

More information can be found on: [1]

This Year

This year's event is being organized by the University of Concepción, the original hometown of the Encuentro Linux. The team (Fedora Ambassadors from Chile), are quite excited about this event, because of the large scale it will have, and the latest boom expansion of Linux in Chile. Also, the location of this year event, results in fair travelings rates for all the country.


The event will be hosted in: University of Concepción, Concepción, Chile [2]

Date: October 22th, 23th, and 24th

Call for papers: August 25th