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LinuxTag 2006: Report

Hi to all,

please excsue me/us that we'll send our report so late as it is :-(
We're all very busy at the moment and the week we're missing in the job
must also be catched up ...

Please find the combined review of the people who wants to write some
words and feel free to post these words!

last but not least before you read the whole commits; I wanna say thank
you all, you guys which helped Florian and me that the Linuxtag was such
a good event for Fedora in in my role as a Fedora Ambassador.
Special Thanks to Jens who was the whole time with me, Joerg who was
every time at the booth and answered a lot of questions, Thorsten who
has take care of his Sony Laptop .-) and not to forget Florian who has
the most important role and work to do! And a very, very special thanks
goes to the URZ of the University of Basel which was a big contributor
for the booth :-)

So enough from myself ...

Review from <a href="">Chitlesh Goorah</a> (Kadischi / LiveCD)
Although the Fedora Project considered LinuxTag as a small event, this
is a big event in Europe.

A great event to meet great Fedora participants :)

In accordance to the questions directed to me at the booth, I may say
that there were quite some interest in the Fedora distro :)

* How Fedora can be useful to disabled persons(eyes)? (thanks KDE for
being useful here)
* Why Fedora Core (FC4 and FC5) default kernels have issues ? How about
the testing behind it ?
* Can I have a livecd of Fedora ?
* Why do my firefox have so much language packs as extensions which
most of the time I don't need ?
* Fedora is known to be providing ONLY gpl'ed packages why do aiglx and
Fedora directory server respectively require proprietary drivers and Sun
Java ?
* In Fedora /sbin is not in the PATH for _su_ example ifconfig but as
_su -_, /sbin is in the PATH? other distros like Mandriva and Suse it is
not the case. Why?

Besides these questions, most of my time I spent in explaining what is
the Kadischi Project.

Gerold and I had a discussion in a "real-life" Fedora Ambassador
meeting , at least in Europe to produce high quality output. (Idea which
I back :) )

My girlfriend (from the Kubuntu Marketing Team) informed that the
Kubuntu livecd team would like to work with us on producing high quality
KDE based livecds. (Ill be in contact with them soon)

PS: We got a new Fedora Ambassador from Germany: Jörg Simon, whom I
welcome him to the team :)

His photos : <a href=""></a>
My photo : <a href=""></a>
Gerold's : <a href=""></a>
or <a href=""></a>

Review from <a href="">Joerg Simon</a> (new Ambassador since Linuxtag)
Besides the Fedora Core, we also  presented XEN 3.0 on Fedora - after
Jens spend more RAM - thanks for that.
And we presented the Fedora Directory Server, mostly we must explain,
this is  not only a OpenLDAP Interface, no that is not
ActiveDirectory ;-), yes it is free, you can download it from ... but we had also experts, who want to
know deeper Informations. We had a nice talk with
Peter Gietz - a international LDAP Expert from the OpenLDAP-Team, we
made a deep excursion in the Schemas and in the Replication and he shows
us many deviations from RFC and Open Standards in the Directory Server.
We will stay in interaction with him to review and report that  and
specify whether and where we can help us mutual.
Not Fedora Policy but Linuxtag Spirit was the dry to bring mythtv (our
NeighbourBooth) on a Fedora-XBOX - looked good, but the Framebuffer Mode
has scotched that - but as Jens said we "have a lot of fun" ;-)
Thanks to Greg to permit and provide material to produce some unofficial
T-Shirts with the new Logo,  unfortunately they was to small for the
some of us ;-)

and last (for today) from <a href="">Gerold Kassube</a>
started 2006-05-03 till 2006-05-05

On tuesday 2006-05-02 Florian Brand starts the journey to build up the
booth together with Marc Schlensog. They got also help from Jens Kuehnel
who arrived in the afternoon at Wiesbaden. The other "responsible"
person, me has to work the whole tuesday and startet therefore the
journey in the late afternoon at Switzerland.
He arrived Frankfurt at midnight, where he meets Jens and Marc who came
back from building up the booth. Because of the matter, that the posters
are printed in Switzerland, they are already in my car and we have to
finish the booth on wednesday morning :-(
So we decided to start at 7:00 am in the next morning! So Jens  (thanks
a lot for giving me his living room for the whole Linuxday for sleeping)
set his alarm-clock on 5:30 am that we all can take a shower and be
"warmed up" for the next day ...

It happens!

The bell rings, and we startet save at 7:00 am from Frankfurt to
Wiesbaden because we need the time; Linuxtag will open at 10:00 am on
this day, to set up the rest of the booth which means: internet,
designing the booth with posters, stickers and banners, electricity,
(very important:) coffee maschine and the installation of the 4 desktops
which we got from the training center of Red Hat EMEA (also organized by

What should I say?! We've got it! Mostly all has finished at 10:00 am
and small, little things who were not optimal were optimezed during the
time of the day and the next ....

We all should see what happened: Every day starting on Wedenesday the
crowd of people is getting more and more who's intersting at Fedora and
I think the most visited day was on saturday where nobody has really
time to take place for more or less 10 / 15 minutes.
We've had already answers questions like:

- What is Fedora?
- Where is the Red Hat booth?
- Why there is no FUDCon this year?
- How can I get Fedora to disrtibute my code?
- Do you have any LiveCD on Fedora?

and: troubleshooting, troubleshooting, troubleshooting, troubleshooting
and again troubleshooting!

People mostly if not asked things above mentioned, asked for personal
problems with e.g. WiFi, Sound, exotic Hardware, etc.

The good thing here was, that we've had the following persons at the
booth (in alphabetic order) which helps to answer the most of the
questions; ...

Biba, Radek,
Brand, Florian
Broz, Milan
Drepper, Ulrich
Engert, Kai
Goorah, Chitlesh
Heinrich, Dunja
Holtmann, Marcel
Kassube, Gerold
Kergon, Alasdair
Kuehnel, Jens
Mauleshagen, Heinz
Schlensog, Marc
Schaefer, Thorsten
Simon, Jörg
Vokal, Radek

and if one person don't know a answer of a visitor there are always a
lot of other persons at the booth who helped.

We've had also nice discussions with other persons from other booth
which were interested in cooperation with Fedora.

Over all, my personal review and statement is the follow:

Without the help of Florian Brand and his connections and knowledge of
people inside the community this Linuxtag was never such a success as it
was this year! For further planings, we had to decide a couple of month
earlier, what we'll do ...
And: Everyone has missed the FUDCon at the Linuxtag.

Just my five cents and the cents from the other "writers"!


<a href="">Gerold Kassube</a>

<a href=""><img src=""></a>