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Rooms LinuxTag 2008

We are trying to figure out the hotel situation for LinuxTag 2008 .

You miss the deadline. Sorry, you have to search a room by yourself.


We're completly happy and proud that we found ONE hotel which is not fully booked who offers us rooms for the requested time frame. It seems that we are staying in the middle of Berlin at with a distance to the ICC of 5 min (by car). At this point I want to thank the Belug's member Bodo Eichstädt and also Harri Brunk for their outstanding help and their support till today for finding a solution for FEDORA


List your name, and the nights that you will want a hotel room.

Once we have this list, we will be able to determine the final price of the hotel, and also how much of that price Red Hat/Fedora will be able to pay to help out the Ambassadors.

For LinuxTag 2007 , Fedora paid the entire hotel bill. Since this year's hotel is more expensive, we might not be able to pay the entire bill, but we will do the best we can.

Right now, everyone needs to sign up with a roommate. If there are single rooms available, we will figure out what to do with them.

MaxSpevack / PaulFrields x x x x x double room
AndreasThienemann / YaakovNemoy x x x x x double room
SandroMathys / FabianAffolter x x x x x double room
GeroldKassube / AndreasRau x x x x x double room
RobertScheck / ChristophWickert x x x x x double room
FranzRobert / LucaFoppiano x x x x double room
StefanAlexanderHartsuiker / JeroenVanMeeuwen x x x x x double room
JoergSimon / JensKuehnel x x x x x double room
FrancescoCrippa x x x x x single room
NayyarAhmad / ThibaultNorth x x x x x double room
PeterReuschlein / MarcoZiesing x x x x x double room
ThomasWoerner x x x x x single room?
MatthieuRondeau x x x x - single room?
PawelSadowski x x x x x double room
  • Can FrancescoCrippa and NayyarAhmad be roommates? JoergSimon has set ThibaultNorth as Roommate for NayyarAhmad - GeroldKassube is informed, NayyarAhmad: "Has no objection."
  • PeterReuschlein / MarcoZiesing will attend, already spoke to GeroldKA cause we're after the deadline
  • I don't care about being alone or in a double room, just put me where it is easier - MatthieuRondeau