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2013-09-09 Fedora 20 moves ahead with wayland tech preview Phoronix Michael Larabel English
2013-12-17 Fedora 20 targets enterprise and mobile with improved ARM and virtual machine support Engadget Jon Fingas English
2013-12-17 Fedora 20 review – exceeding expectations Muktware Swapnil Bhartiya English
2013-12-17 Fedora upgrades ARM support, now treats it as x86’s equal Ars Technica Jon Brodkin English
2013-12-17 Fedora 20 Linux Debuts, Improves Cloud Image eWEEK Sean Michael Kerner English
2013-12-17 Fedora 20: Hands on with five different desktops ZDNet J. A. Watson English
2013-12-17 Fedora 20 released ITworld Jim Lynch English
2013-12-18 Fedora 20 Heisenbug makes ARM chips 'a primary architecture' The Register Jack Clark English

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