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  • Any day during September
  • Virtual events around the world

Event owners

Local Events

Ideas / brainstorming

  • Any local groups that want to organize a meetup for this day too?
  • How can we get in touch with local groups who are interested to organize?
  • Maximum publicity of the event by posts, twitter, FB posts etc.
  • Creation of one more video.
  • If you want to help check this link

Interested in organizing a FWD in your city?

Deadline to confirm participation: 2017-08-20.

Make sure to let us know on the Diversity mailing list by the deadline. Also see the steps below if you need to request an event budget.

Event budget

If you want to organize a FWD in your city please follow these steps:

1. Create a wiki page for your event and please follow the naming convention for the wiki page:


2. Include at your wiki page these details:

  • a description for your event
  • when and where
  • organizer/s
  • agenda

3. Add your wiki page here

4. Open budget ticket here and include the following informations:

  • Title: Budget Request for FWD in YOUR-CITY
  • Description:
    • Write a sentence for your event including the date/location/time and what you hope to accomplish with this event
    • Include the link of your event wiki page (1)
    • Include an estimated number of the participants
    • Include the amount that you want to spend (recommended maximum is 100 USD) specifying on how will you spend the money and why
      • Estimated total budget for event, including:
        • Shipping costs
        • Merchandise production costs, if any
        • Travel funding, if any
        • Basic event costs (e.g. food / drinks)
        • Other misc. costs
      • For example: 10$ for snacks, 10$ for drinks, 5$ to print some posters, 20$ for travel ticket, 10$ for stickers* etc
      • (* we encourage you to contact your local ambassador in order to request general swag for the event)


  • The deadline to open a budget ticket is 20 August.
  • Don't spend money before your request is approved.
  • You need to do all the neccesary payments and Fedora will reimburse you later via Paypal.
  • To be reimbursed by Fedora after the event you need to:
    • Provide receipts (PDF format only)
    • Write an event report (within three weeks of event)
    • Take a few pictures
  • Don't spend more than what you have requested.
  • No receipts, no reimbursements.

5. Don't forget to share with us the photos of your event and an event report about it.


  • Who can organize the event?

Everyone can organize a FWD at his/her city. It doesn't mean YOU should be a WOMAN to organize this event, but you can help them get more involved into open source and in Fedora.

  • Who can participate in Fedora Women Day?

Participation isn't limited to only women. You can invite other Fedora contributors or Ambassadors to attend your event, regardless of gender.

  • Is there a specific date to organize a FWD?

You can organize it any day you want during September, but keep in mind that if you want budget for your event the deadline to open a ticket is 20 August.

  • Can I request budget for a FWD and what do I need to do?

Yes, you can require budget for organizing a FWD. You need to open a ticket here and inform us before 20 August. Please check this link before requiring budget.

  • How can I join a local event?

All FWD events happening around the globe will be posted here at this wiki page, check the above links to see more details how to join them.

  • What do we do at a Fedora Women Day?

Diversity team will provide some materials and guidance for people holding individual events.

  • How to get swag for my event?

Please try to contact a Fedora Ambassador for your region for general Fedora swag – they can open a ticket to request swag. If you still need our help write us on our mailing list.

  • Do you have any image that I can use for my event?

Yes, we have an image that you can use, check it here.

  • How can I contact Diversity team to ask for help on my event?

Please send to us an email on our mailing list, we will be very happy to help and assist you.

Useful links

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