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Fedora Women Day, Managua, 2017


Event Description

Fedora Women Day is a new weekend of celebration to help raise awareness and thanks for the women contributors across the Fedora Project. Fedora Women Day marks the anniversary of the Fedora Women team.

Speakers and Topics

Name Topic
Cristhian Vannessa G. What is Fedora and how to colaborate
Aura Lila Gutiérrez What Diversity and Inclusion mean to Fedora.
Blanca Ayala Luquez IP video surveillance system with ZoneMinder
Ninoska Rodríguez My world after Fedora
Maribel Fonseca Cockpit
Linda Isabel Martínez Fedora and the Education in Nicaragua
Naima Fernández Educational Robotics with Icaro.
Open Floor What can we do for more women involved in Fedora Project




  • We are having small meetups with the interested women


Reason Expenses
Donuts $40
Pizza $47
Drinks, glass, napkins and ballons $10

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