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Thanks for your interest in sponsoring Flock! Flock is a brand new conference for Fedora contributors to come together, discuss new ideas, work to make those ideas a reality, and continue to promote the core values of the Fedora Community: Freedom, Friends, Features, and First.

Fedora is a rich and thriving international Free Software community that produces a popular distribution of Linux every six months. This distribution is the core that is used by Red Hat to create the Red Hat Enterprise Linux product family.

Just like Fedora, Flock will be thinking big. This conference will have four full days of talks, workshops, hackfests and sprints, We want to try to bring in as many of our contributors from around the world as possible, in addition to streaming all of our presentations live over the internet for interactive participation. We hope to have scheduled sessions covering Cloud, Community, Design, Desktop, Embedded, Fonts, Gaming, Hardware, Infrastructure, Marketing, Quality & Testing, Security, and Special Interest Groups.

Most of our money will be going directly to covering travel and lodging costs for our contributors, in addition to catering and events. We hope that you will join us in creating a fantastic new and productive event! We are trying to do a lot on a small budget, so every bit helps!

Sponsorship Levels

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Perk
Large Large Y Y Exhibit Hall Space
Y Y Y Y Logo & Name on Website
Y Y Y Y Logo in Program
Full page 1/2 page 1/4 Page Advertisement in Program
Auditorium Presentation Room Naming
Y Y Insert or Swag in Attendee Bag
$10,000 $5,000 $3,000 $1,500

Additional Options

  • Prize donations
  • Video Recording & Streaming
  • Coffee & Snack Breaks
  • Evening events
  • Attendee swag bags

Company Contact Person Contacted By Status Sponsorship Level Notes
Eucalyptus Greg DeKoenigsberg <> User:spot $500 ?
Amazon Max Spevack <> User:spot Emailed Apr. 22 bought lanyards
Walt Disney Curtis Zinzilieta <> User:spot Emailed Apr. 22 ?
OpenShift Michelle Thompson <> User:spot Committed Bronze
Bluehost Jared Smith <> User:spot Discussed with jsmith on IRC, Apr 22 ?
Linux Magazine User:spot Emailed Apr. 22 ?
Dell Matt Domsch <> User:spot Committed Bronze and possible break sponsorship
Linode Tom Asaro <> User:spot Emailed Apr. 22 ?
ThinkGeek User:spot Emailed Apr. 22 ?
Pogo Linux User:spot Emailed Apr 23 ?
Pandora Radio User:spot Replied May 1 Not interested
Ouya Abby Topolsky <> User:spot Emailed Apr 23 ?
Google User:suehle Committed Gold
LPI User:suehle Emailed Apr 25 ?
Citrix User:suehle Bronze ($1,000)
orangeFS User:suehle Emailed Apr 26 ?
No Starch User:suehle Emailed Apr 26 ?
O'Reilly User:suehle Emailed Apr 26 ?
SparkFun User:suehle Emailed Apr 26 ?
Apress User:suehle Emailed Apr 26 ?
Adafruit User:suehle Emailed Apr 26 prizes and discount code
Aleph/Lulzbot User:suehle Emailed Apr 26 ?
openNMS User:suehle Emailed Apr 26 Silver
opscode User:spot Emailed Apr 29 ?
IBM User:spot Emailed Apr 29 Not interested at this time
Intel User:spot Met with Intel, May 2 Nothing now, possibly later if schedule spurs employee interest