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Fedora Events: Fedora 21 Test and Bug Report day - Paris, France

When and Where

  • Paris, 16bis Boulevard Montmartre, locaux de Mozilla France



should be done asap

  • Add the event in the french open calendar. (done)
  • Announce the event on (done)
  • Add an entry on (done)
  • Contact Parinux, the local LUG (done)
  • Announce the event on Facebook, Twitter, Google+... (done)
  • Spread the word (ongoing)


Pickup any task you want, add any task you think is necessary for the event to be a success.

Task Owner Status Observations
Book the "Carrefour Numérique" ? KO -not available
Check if we can do it at Mozilla ? OK
Produce goodies ? ? see with Misc if there is goodies at RH, Parinux goodies are in Toulouse
Produce USB key with F-21 BETA ? ? todo the week before
Make an announce to fedora forums, linuxfr, blogs... l'agenda du libre ? current

For the status column, you can use the following templates:

  • {{Template:Warning}} for a task that is not attributed / started yet
  • {{Template:Important}} for a task started but not completed yet
  • {{Template:Check}} for a closed task


  • TBD

Announce (in french)

L'association Borsalinux organise samedi 8 novembre une journée de test et de rapport de bogues de la version Beta de Fedora 21, dans les locaux de Mozilla France à Paris (16bis Boulevard Montmartre ) de 14 heures à 18 heures.

Venez apprendre comment tester Fedora efficacement, comment rédiger un rapport de bogue, et plein d'autres choses.

Pensez si possible à ramener un ordinateur avec vous, et, encore mieux, avec une configuration exotique, en particulier une carte ARM (voir cette page pour connaitre les cartes supportées. des live-CD de Fedora 21 seront disponibles.

Entrée Libre. Tout Public.