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Following mentors,

  • have their idea listed on the idea page.
  • have subscribed for the summer-coding mailing list.
  • have a valid link_id with Google
  • have enrolled with the organization(fedora) in Google-melange.
Key for the email addresses,
AT fp.o =
AT rh.c =
AT g.c  =

FAS Username link_id email ML Subscribed Idea(Mentoring) Idea (Co-Mentoring)
Buddhike Kurera Buddhike Kurera (link_id: bckurera) bckurera AT fp.o Yes Semi-automated system implementation for FWN -
Peter Tibor Peter Borsa (link_id: asrob) asrob AT fp.o Yes Insight use cases for status and microblogging Insight use cases for calendar
Dan Winship Dan Winship (link_id: danw) danw AT rh.c Yes Integrate Proxy Settings and Network Connections -
Heiko W. Rupp Heiko W. Rupp (link_id: pilhuhn) hwr AT rh.c Yes RHQ-agent to interface with Matahari -
Mo Moris mmorsi (link_id: mmorsi) mmorsi AT rh.c Yes Bringing the Cloud to the Fedora Desktop,
Peng Tao Peng Tao (link_id: bergwolf) bergwolf AT g.c Yes Implement nfs/fcache writeback cache -
Maria Tatica tatica (link_id: tatica) tatica AT fp.o Yes Insight use cases for calendar Insight use cases for status and microblogging
Tim Niemueller Tim Niemueller (link_id: timn) timn AT fp.o Yes Educational Application for Fedora Robotics Suite -
Stanislav Ochotnicky Stanislav Ochotnický (link_id: sochotnicky) sochotnicky AT rh.c Yes Java API changes checker -

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