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  • Your name: Yongsheng Xie
  • FAS Account: schenkerx
  • Fedora userpage: schenkerx

Contact Information

Why do you want to work with the Fedora Project?

Because I am a old user of the Fedora. And as a student of computer science, I am willing to contribute to open source community and learn more (technologies, professional communications, etc) from it.

Do you have any past involvement with the Fedora project or any other open source project as a contributor?

Not yet.

Did you participate with the past GSoC programs, if so which years, which organizations?

Not yet. This is the first year I apply for it.

Will you continue contributing/ supporting the Fedora project after the GSoC 2015 program, if yes, which team(s), you are interested with?

Yes, I am glad to continue contributing to the Fedora project. After GSoC 2015 program, I am willing to act as an OS developer and participate in the fedora-infra team since I’d love to learn more on developing basic infrastructures.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?

  • I have good python Web application developing skills, which make me can be qualified for this job.
  • I am also familiar with some front-end skills like JavaScript and CSS. Experienced in ZURB Foundation front-end framework.
  • Being participated in many projects (though they are not open-sourced), I mastered in version control system (particular the Git) and bug tracking and issues systems (Atlassian JIRA).
  • I am a quick learner and I am enthusiastic about learning new technologies.
  • I will do my best to contribute to the Fedora project in a long period of time.