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           GSOC-2016 PROPOSAL


CONTACT INFORMATION- Anubha Maneshwar +91-8989612625, +91-7385153118 FAS username-anubhamane IRC-anubham

WHY FEDORA- I want to work with FEDORA as I found your work very interesting. I visited all your pages like Fedora CommOps, Community Blog, Wiki, Fedora Badges, Storytelling, Hubs etc. After visiting all the pages and carefully studying, I found that Fedora CommOps is the most versatile project to work with as it connects to all the other things automatically and my skills are best suitable for this project.

GSOC PARTICIPATION- This is the first time I’m taking part in GSOC and I’m really excited to work with your organisation.

CONTRIBUTION- I have already started contributing to FEDORA and I will continue my efforts for making it better. I have joined the mailing list, IRC, got the FAS account, signed the CLA, and introduced myself on wiki, applied for FEDORA AMBASSADOR, applied for group membership. I also interacted with the mentors on mailing list and found them really supporting. I also checked the tools and utilities section.

WHY CHOOSE ME- For this project (CommOps), you need someone who is self-motivated, self-sufficient and the one who has curiosity to learn. I am a hard worker and I am ambassador for Mozilla,, Engineering India ( Spartans Association of Youth (SAY). I am member of Women Techmakers (Google), Astral Globe club. I write contents for and beyond news. I am comfortable in working with JAVA, C/C++, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery and Android Studio. I have made a Mobile Application for Engineering Student as a mini project in this year.

WHERE I BELONG- As I have already mentioned CommOps is a very versatile and flexible project, I can help you by editing the documents or writing the blog for Fedora community. I can help you in designing part and also in collecting and analysing data. I found that my interest lies in Messaging (fedmsg), Metrics, Badges, Hubs, Culture and Wiki. And I am very curious for learning new things so definitely I’m going to improve myself according to the instructions provided by my mentor.

TIMELINE- There are many things for which I can work during my project and according to the guidance of my mentor but I think a rough timeline is required to make sure that the project gets completed in a stipulated period of time. For that purpose I have prepared a rough and flexible timeline which can be modified later after discussing with the mentor.

18March-21April: Applying through GSOC’s website. Familiarizing with the code, community and documentation. Try to contribute something to CommOps project by creating an FAS account and joining the CommOps community.

22April-22May: GSOC Results. Confirming and discussing the project details with the mentor and understanding the workflow properly and planning the weekly tasks. Also getting started with the implementation of project.

23May-24June: Weekly target completion and submission of work report to the mentor. Submissions for Mid-term evaluation.

27June-31July: Continuing the Implementation and regular progress check-up.

1August-15 August: Final brush up, full integration testing, documentation and submission for final evaluation.

FINAL DELIVERABLES- Developed Content, Bug Free environment, Campaign Development and Implementation, Design Improvements, collected and well-organised data, improvements with wok related to metrics gathering and real-time messaging integration.