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Contact Information

Name: Lajos Kovács

Mobile: +36 30 966 0669

Email Address:

Blog URL:

Freenode IRC Nick: diwin





Questions to answer

Why do you want to work with the Fedora Project?

In first hand i want to work with the Fedora Project, because i like the mentality what the contributors and the Fedora peoples have. In other hand my dream is to work for Google or RedHat and work with Fedora is a good opportunity to go to RedHat.

Do you have any past involvement with the Fedora Project or another open-source project as a contributor?

Unfortunately i don't. wokr as a Front-end developer and Back-end developer in a hungarian company as a student.

Have you participated in GSoC in the past? If so, what year(s) and which organization(s)?


Do you plan to continue contributing to the Fedora Project after GSoC? If yes, what sub-project(s) are you interested with?

Definitely yes! As i said i like the Fedora mentality, so i should enjoy the work with it's projects.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?

I can only rely on my idea. If you apply me, i will work as good as i can and try to do my best to get a good contributor experience for late contributors.

Have you contributed to any other open source organizations or projects? If so, do you have artifacts you can show so we can see your skill set(s)?

This will be my first try in a Open-source project.

Do you have any other open source experience (even if not coding-related)?

In my University we develope some Open-source project like an AI and a Yearbook, but it is not the same as an open source company.

Proposal Description

I paste here the one i sent to google.

Fedora-hub contributor skills system


In my understanding Fedora-hub is a social centrum for fedora contributors. According to the projects, the skills could be really important, what a contributor can do for a project. If a proposed project looking for good developers, it can help the understading which contributor can do the best work for the application and improve it even more.

Project goals

The goal of this project is to provide a skills page for every single contributor. Requirements for the page:

-it should be user friendly with drag&drop feature.

-easy to use for new users, valuable for existings.

-written in html/css, JavaScript according to the project and Python Flask It is also important to integrate filtering to contributor search and generate graphs and badges for contributor personal pages. There are some other crazy ideas in my mind about the skill system. If it is required, the system can hold a great API for non-native applications and integrations.


The program will be implemented in Python using the Flask framework according to the Fedora-hubs wiki. I will write the core Python part in the Atom editor, and design the Front-end with the help from my mentor and the design team in HTML/CSS and with a Front-end JavaScript framework or in vanilla JavaScript. The outcome of the project will be licensed according to Fedora’s licensing policy and will include a wiki page with it's documentation, and a user guide.

The skills system will be integrated to the main personal page of a contributor. It stores the programming language skills and other important skills according to the contributor’s self opinion and the completed projects where the contributor already worked. It could use percentage views with icons and “loading bars”. In my opinion the rate system must have some skill levels too. For example: “Python: expert(20 projects), Documentation: beginner(30 projects).

The other rating possibility, when the administrator and project leader can rate the contributor skills.

I intend to follow the release early, release often software development philosophy and i use MVC patterns.


in May

-Get to know the fedora-hub development team, discuss ideas, receive feedback.

-Read and study the documentation of the basic concepts of fedora-hub.

-Implement early prototypes for the tasks given by my mentor.

in June

-Create the design of the application based on the feedback received from the prototypes.

-Begin working on the documentation and user guide.

-Implement the core functions.

-Test the early releases.

in July

-Make the design more user friendly in much more fedora-hub way.

-Expand the application's functionality and documentation.

-Improve and optimize the application based on users' feedback.

-Test the beta releases.

in August

-Finalize design, features, documentation, tests.

-Concentrate on fixing bugs, cleaning the code.

-Test the final release.

About me

My name is Lajos Kovács, I am an undergraduate student at the University of Debrecen studying Computer Science Engineering. I’m working for a hungarian organization called Zen Heads as a student as Front-end developer with (AngularJS, HTML/SASS) and helping for the Back-end with Python Django. My favourite language is Python and i work with it in my own home project too. That project is all about “Smart home”. I used to use PHP and a lot of PHP frameworks too. For example: Laravel, PHPCake, CodeIgniter, Yii. My primary goal is to graduate and work for a larger company as a developer. My dream is to work for Google or Red Hat. During this project I hope to learn a lot from my mentor and from the community.