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Contact Information

Questions to answer

Why do you want to work with the Fedora Project?

I was introduced to Fedora through DGPLUG (Linux Users' Group Of Durgapur) an organization which teaches and helps students to grow and become upstream contributors. Although I have recently joined the community, I have been helped by many members of the Fedora community and I aspire to work with them to learn and contribute to Fedora's core values: Freedom, Friends, Features, First.

Do you have any past involvement with the Fedora Project or another open-source project as a contributor?

I am a member Mozilla's Student Ambassadors program. Recently i have been attending Mozilla's events at Pune which is 125 Km away from my home every week. Last week we had a localization event where i helped in contributing to Mozilla's web spaces.

I was introduced to Fedora through DGPLUG. The documentation, stories and the blogs of members like Chandan Kumar,Sayan Chowdhury, Farhaan Bukhsh is what actually got me motivated to get involved with Fedora.

I had been searching for a place to explore about open-source and DGPLUG has been the one. I recently joined the Fedora project and i have been interacting with fellow members on various IRC channels with questions and help regarding some of the hiccups I initially faced in getting started. All the members I was involved with were nice and welcoming. This also was one of the reasons for me getting motivated to work for the Fedora community, help me get the first hand experience of the FOSS culture. The experience till now was nothing but fabulous.

Have you participated in GSoC in the past? If so, what year(s) and which organization(s)?

No,this is my first time participating in GSoC.

Do you plan to continue contributing to the Fedora Project after GSoC? If yes, what sub-project(s) are you interested with?

Yes,I would love to a long time contributor to Fedora Project after GSoC. I'm interest in project-Pagure and various activites of the Community Operations like wiki, metrics, advocacy and messaging.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?

My interests and contributions include:

  • I have been a curious child since my childhood. I always interested in how things worked.
  • Volunteer as Student Chair of IEEE-DRIEMS student branch.
  • Mozilla's student Ambassador Program.
  • Volunteer at Rotaract club of Panvel as Sargant-At-Arms.
  • Internship at Reliance Industries Ltd as summer trainee and at a Kleverk Design Pvt Ltd a small webdesign company.
  • Proficient knowledge working with C, C++, Java,HTML/CSS, JavaScript.
  • Python (i know the basics can read and understand code can also debug)
  • I am a fast learner and a dedicated person. Committed to open source movement: every Sunday at 5am I leave for Pune which 125 Km away from home where I meet with like-minded people to discuss about various open source projects.
  • Good at problem solving, got 1st prize code cazar (coding competition in my college) when i was in second year.
  • I always go through the documentation twice before asking help on IRC channels.

Have you contributed to any other open source organizations or projects? If so, do you have artifacts you can show so we can see your skill set(s)?

Yes, I have been contributing to Mozilla project but in localization. I have not contributed to Mozilla's code base. Recently i have been trying to contribute to the Pagure project.

Do you have any other open source experience (even if not coding-related)?

Being a part of Mozilla's student ambassador program I fully understand the FOSS ideology. I have been volunteering with respect to localization of Mozilla's products in Marathi.

Proposal Description

Overview and The Need

Fedora Infrastructure Web Application Development: Pagure. Pagure being Fedora's own git forge now that it also supports namespace projects under username. I feel that it could now be the the official front end to Fedora's packages git repositories. While c-git is the official git repository for Fedora's official and Pagure has been under active development since the project started 2 years ago. Now seems a good time that Pagure becomes the official git repo for Fedora packages. I feel that their is a necessity for Pagure to have private repository functionality so that pagure will not just be limited to fedora and other organizations will also start using it as their primary version control application.

Any relevant experience you have

  • Proficient working with C, C++, Java, Python (i know the basics),HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Git(learning).
  • Effective communication skills, written and verbal.
  • Worked with some of the people from Maharashtra Times for conference publicity (Vivruti 2016) ( A Marathi newspaper with readership over 1,000,000).
  • Volunteer as Student chair at IEEE DRIEMS i have a very good experience in Coordination and Organizing activities.
  • Possess experience publishing content via Social Media as i was in charge head student in-charge for VIVRUTI 2015 conference in my department.
  • Experience working in teams and community organizing as i volunteer for Rotaract club of Panvel as sargant at arms.

How do you intend to implement your proposal

Closely working with my mentors Pierre-Yves Chibon (pingou) and Corey Sheldon(linuxmodder). I will start my project by testing Pagure which i have already started by having a local instance on Pagure running (thanks to pingou). I have been assigned a bug and I am working on it. For the first few weeks I will work on bug fixes in order to get an understanding of the code base. Then I will start developing the features required to implement private repository in Pagure.

A rough timeline for your progress

Upto the start of Community Bonding Period (25th of March - 22nd of April)

  • I will start mastering the technical skills needed required for the project.

Community bonding period (22nd of April - 25th of May)

  • Finish reading codebase understanding the dependencies of Pagure.
  • Find possible solutions for implementing private projects in pagure discuss with mentors

Work Period until mid-term evaluations (25th of May – 20th of June)

  • start coding for implementing private projects in pagure.
  • Participating in the effort to make of pagure the official front-end to Fedora's packages git repositories (currently being the read-only cgit).

Period of submitting mid-term evaluations (20th of June - 27th of June)

  • Submit partial working implementation of private repository in Pagure.
  • Start working towards completing the project.

Work Period (27th of June – 31st of July)

  • Complete implementation of private repository in Pagure.
  • Write test cases start testing.

Grace period (31st of July – 15th August)

  • Time kept for Covering up if there is any delay due to some unforeseen problems.
  • Complete testing and fix bugs which may arise.

Final Week(15th August - 23rd August)

  • Tidy code, write tests, improve documentation and submit their code sample.
  • Submit code for final mentor evaluation.

Other Tasks with timeline to be finalized as needed

Final deliverable

  • Report back weekly on fedora-apps Mailing Lists, Blog about the progress twice a week on (Wednesday and Saturday), other channels when appropriate.
  • Implementing private repository in Pagure possible.


  • Work on implementing Pagure as official front-end of Fedora's packages git repositories.
  • Publishing article on print media (Maharashtra times Fedora and other about pagure)
  • If Possible get some coverage from National English Newspaper (Not sure but possible)

Any other details you feel we should consider

  • I have keen interest in increasing my Fedora and FOSS contribution and I have been in regular touch with my potential mentors Pierre-Yves Chibon (pingou) and Corey Sheldon(linuxmodder) through IRC (they have been quite helpful to a newbee like me).
  • I have exams during the period 6th May to 27th May. The dates are tentative that's what my HOD has said exam timetable is not disclosed yet.
  • I have no prior commitments to any other work and will be able dedicate my full time towards the project.

Hardware Available

  • A decent Hp Envy J111tx laptop with core i7 4700MQ 8GB ram, 2GB Nvidia 740M graphics card 1TB HDD.
  • Desktop with AMD FX8100 with 4gb 1TB HDD (backup option in case of emergency )
  • Also a Raspberry pi 2 (Although not something i use for working but still prepared for worst case scenario)
  • Decent internet connection Reliance Jio 4g currently my main connection (Avg 10 Mbps speed. Got for testing purpose will be there will October)
  • 1Mbps backup internet connection