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File:Games neverputt ss neverputt05.jpg Miniature Golf based on Neverball's set!

Neverputt is a hot-seat, multiplayer, miniature golf game, for up to 4 users. Using the physics and graphics of Neverball , with 3 different mini-gold courses, the current version includes 62 Neverputt levels, and all are pure fun. Play with friends and try to get as many balls in the holes as possible, in as few shots as possible!

General Information

  • Name: neverputt
  • Official URL:
  • Type: Sports (Golf)
  • Repository: Fedora Extras
  • License: GPL
  • Download Size: Approximately 14MB
  • Installed Size: 30MB
This game is included with the neverball package.

Installing and Running

Neverputt is available under the Fedora Extras Community repository, and can be installed using the yum tool. To install, either use a front-end tool (like yumex) or issue the following command, in a terminal, as root:

yum install neverball

This will grab the neverball game package that includes Neverputt, and its dependencies from the Internet, so you need to be connected to the Internet. After installing, you can run the program under the menu:

Applications -> Games -> Neverputt

Or press ALT+F2 on your desktop (or go to a terminal like gnome-terminal and konsole), type neverputt, and press Enter.


The default configuration should be fine with modern systems. You are able to just start the game and play, but if you're willing to tweak the game, for better gameplay and graphics adjustments, you can do this accessing the Options in-game menu after running it. Basic configuration can be done this way, like: Toggle full screen on/off, setting resolution size in window mode, configuring graphics (textures, geometry, shadow), and audio (quality, volume).

More cofiguration can be done in the configuration file located in $HOME/.neverball/neverballrc (where $HOME is your users' home directory), but this is more related to neverball (and it also affects neverputt). Look at the Neverball 's wiki page in section Configuration for more details.


The gameplay is simple: you have to get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible. Completing each stage gets you score, which is dependant on how many shots you used. Just like the real game! After completing all of the course, you can count your accumulated points and see your final score! There are 3 main Golf courses: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

You have 12 chances on each level. If you don't put the ball into the hole with 12 shots, the level will be terminated and you don't earn any points.

Game Controls

While playing, you can move your mouse to set the direction of the ball to the hole, and also set the strength you will be enforcing on the ball.

Also, there are other options accessible by pressing these keyboard keys:

  • SPACE - Pause/Resume (This releases the mouse on window mode too)
  • ESC - End Game/Exit
  • F7 - Toggle wire mode
  • F9 - Toggle frame counter
  • F10 - Take a screenshot (and writes to your home directory)
  • F12 - Toggle look-around mode


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