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File:Games powermanga ss powermanga06.jpg An Arcade Shoot'Em'Up Game!

Powermanga is an arcade 2D shoot-em-up game with 41 levels and more than 200 sprites. It runs in 320x200 or 640x400 pixels, with Window mode or full screen and support for 8, 15, 16, 24, and 32 bpp. As you go through the levels, you will destroy enemy spaceships and bosses, collect gems to power up your ship and get special powers, helpers and weapons. It uses SDL to generate the gameplay.

General Information

  • Name: powermanga
  • Official URL:
  • Type: Scrolling Shooter (Shot'em'Up!)
  • Repository: Fedora Extras
  • License: GPL
  • Download Size: Approximately 6.3MB
  • Installed Size: 15.5MB

Installing and Running

Powermanga is available under the Fedora Extras Community repository, and can be installed using the yum tool. To install, either use a front-end tool (like yumex) or issue the following command in a terminal as root:

yum install powermanga

This will grab the game and all its dependencies from the Internet, so you need to be connected to the Internet. After installing, you can run the program under the menu:

Applications -> Games -> Arcade -> Powermanga

Or press ALT+F2 on your desktop (or go to a terminal like gnome-terminal and konsole), type powermanga, and press Enter.

Game Options

Some extra options for gameplay are available within the command-line method. You can execute these options with powermanga --option, where option is one of the following:

  • --easy - Set game to easy, giving more bonuses (colored gems/powerups)
  • --hard - Set game to hard, giving less bonuses (colored gems/powerups)
  • --nosync - Disable game timer, affecting the game speed
  • --window - Windows mode (full screen mode is default)
  • --help - List some more options


After starting the game, you command a spaceship and has to destroy all other ships that appear on the screen as you go. Use the arrow keys to move the ship, and space key for shooting.

As you destroy other ships, gems will appear. When you get (touching) a gem, each color does something to your spaceship:

  • Green Gems increase your upgrade options by one. The upgrade options are on the right side of the screen.
  • Red Gems increase your upgrade options by two.
  • Blue Gems duplicates or quadruplicates score when you destroy ships.
  • Pink Gems increase your energy. If you energy is already full, it will give you a mega-blast which destroys all enemies on the screen.
  • Yellow gems increase the number of protectors on your ship by one. When you're already with 6 (max) protectors on your ship, and you get another yellow gem, you get a special weapon.

The game also has bosses that you have to fight. Each 3 levels you encounter one. Stay prepared!

Game Controls

There are some in-game options accessible by pressing these keyboard keys:2

  • CTRL+S - Enable/Disable music
  • CTRL+Q - Finish the current play (having to start again)
  • CTRL+A - About the game
  • F10 - Quit the game
  • P - Pause/Unpause the game
  • F - Toggle full screen mode on and off


  • Try to get a big upgrade in the beginning (unless you're in hard mode): upgrade your ship (last upgrade option) and try to get the first missile upgrade. Your shots you cause much more damage and you'll get more green/red gems to update further more!
  • When you see a pink gem and you have full energy, try to get as many enemies/asteroids as possible on the screen and then grab the gem. It will destroy everything and you'll likely get more gems!
  • When you do a spaceship upgrade (last upgrade option), it downgrades all your upgrade options by one.


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