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XScorch is a clone of the classic Scorched Earth game, written for X. It is available for FC4 and FC5. The goal is to destroy all other tanks on the screen while you avoid getting destroyed yourself.

A game is composed of multiple rounds. In each round the players (both live and computer-controlled) purchase weapons and defenses. Each player then takes a turn trying to destroy everyone else until there is only one player left. Cash bonuses are awarded at the end of each round which can then be used for purchases in the following round. While XScorch is a multiplayer game, it is not networkable; human players must take turns using the same keyboard.

Installation instructions


XScorch can be started using the desktop icons. You can also start it from the command line using the xscorch command.


The game can be configured using the online configuration menu. The monetary awards, number of and type of players, weapon and defense availability, and even the laws of physics can be configured. Command line options are available for turning on/off the sound, setting the window size. Run xscorch -h for information on the command line options. Default player configuration can be stored in $HOME/.xscorch/config. Use the online configuration menu to modify and save the configuration.

For a quick game, run with the '--insanity' command line option. You'll be lucky to survive the first round.  :)