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Before beginning this process, be sure you have been through the Preparing the Release Notes for final release and you have installed doc-publican-rpm.

1. Check the release notes out of the release git repo

fedpkg co fedora-release-notes

2. Change into the local repo folder

cd fedora-release-notes

3. copy fedora-release-notes.spec to the directory you will use to build the RPM.

4. Change to that directory and add a changelog entry to the copy of fedora-release-notes.spec. Also, in the description update the Fedora release number if needed. There is no need to change anything else. Rename that file to fedora-release-notes.spec.old.

5. Create doc-publican-rpm.config following the instructions in the man page

6. Build the package with doc-publican-rpm - you will need the tar and spec files so keep track of them

You must not do a publican publish between the publican build and making the tar.
publican publish corrupts the htmls

7. Do a koji scratch build of the SRPM for both the next release and rawhide to ensure a clean build

 pushd ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS
 koji build --scratch rawhide fedora-release-notes-x.y.z.fc16.src.rpm
 koji build --scratch f18-candidate fedora-release-notes-x.y.z.fc16.src.rpm

8. Switch back to the directory created by fedpkg

9. Switch to the branch for the next release

fedpkg switch-branch f17

10. Post the d-p-r produced tar to the repo

fedpkg new-sources somewhere/fedora-release-notes-x.y.z.tar.gz

11. Copy the spec file into the local repo copy

cp somewhere/fedora-release-notes.spec .

12. Add the changed spec file to the commit (fedpkg already added the tar)

git add fedora-release-notes.spec

13. Commit the tar and specfile

git commit -m "yada yada yada"

14. Push the changes up to fp.o

 git push

15. Build the package from the repo

 fedpkg build

16. Create a Bodhi update request

 fedpkg update

17. Repeat steps 9-15 for rawhide. (Note that even though fedpkg new-sources indicates that the sources are already uploaded, you still need to execute the command to indicate that the new sources apply to the rawhide branch.) the rawhide package does not need to go to Bodhi.

18. Watch the progress of the builds on Koji ( When complete, log on to Bodhi and request stable.

19. Recruit your friends and neighbors to give the document karma (