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Fedora Events: HAR 2009 Vierhouten, Netherlands

This page provides all the information that people need regarding Fedora's presence at Hacking at Random in 2009.


Since 1989 the international community that builds the internet has been getting together on a series of conferences to discuss the state of contemporary technology, the future of it and the sociological and political consequences of their work. The participants vary from students and people with personal interests to researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs who are widely recognized as the best in their field.

The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, the average level of knowledge is high and outside of the official lectures the site is buzzing with energy, ideas and projects. The New York Times likened the 1997 edition to a “Woodstock for Hackers”. We do our best to keep that atmosphere.

- One might describe it also as the 'Burning Man' for hackers Yaakov Nemoy

When these conferences first happened twenty years ago, the internet was like the Wild West, a new frontier to explore. That has changed, virtually every household in the Western world has access to the internet and, just as happened in the Wild West, new questions have risen. Questions of governance, sustainability, integration with existing power structures, shortage of IP space and energy, censorship, security, etc. The notion of hacking, to use a system in a creative way that was not thought of when it was invented, has also shown to be applicable to fields outside of ICT technology.

When and Where

  • Thursday, August 13 - Sunday, August 16

HAR 2009 is located at Google Maps

The primary Ambassador for this event is Yaakov Nemoy.

The secondary Ambassador for this event is Alexander C.

You can all sleep at the [Fedora village]


Please add yourself to the list below if you are planning to attend, and would like to represent Fedora somehow.

(in alphabetical order by first name)

Name I need a tent and/or camping gear I need sponsorship Comments
Bert Desmet x
Pierre-Yves Chibon To be confirmed (August is pretty far)
Yaakov Nemoy
Alexander C.
Erik van Pienbroek


If you are speaking at the main track, please put your name here:

  • Meneer Niemand
  • Mevrouw Niets

We are planning on setting up a small impromptu presentation / workspace with a couple of party tents next to the FreeJ/Dyne/Mediavillage. The space will be open to impromptu demonstrations and presentations, and we may host movies there as well. preregister [here]

At least one day will be given over to a FAD, theme and activity not yet decided. Post FUDCon Berlin 2009, we should have a better idea where we are going with this.


Any materials you may want to bring in order to work on a project, or talk about Fedora.

  • Yaakov Nemoy
    • Fedora Mirror
    • Two person or more tent with Fedora Branding (needs funding)
    • OLPC maybe for hacking?
  • Bert Desmet
    • some fedora folders
    • some fedora stickers
  • Alexander C.
    • Fedora banner (if we can't arrange printed tents).
    • Maybe an EventBox if one is available.
    • Live-CDs and maybe an extra laptop people can play with. (I have an oldie available)


For travel directions consult The HAR 2009 Wiki.

Yaakov Nemoy is planning a bike ride from Wageningen to the Paasheuvel directly through the Scenic Veluwe. This is partly a demonstration for considering more ecological transport. The total length is approximately 50km.

Possible bike route, via OpenStreetRoute

If you're interested in participating, Yaakov can make sure to arrange for a decent sports bike and any other equipment for you.

If you're coming from the US, see: Hackers on a Plane