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I've been uncertain as to the proper use of some terms. I feel like the proper style for these words, or their synonymity, should be made explicit in this guide. Since I haven't gotten around to integrating these into the guide, I figured I'd put this up for discussion. I've contributed it below my signature in order to foster discussion and remove any implication of ownership.

--Dafrito 23:31, 28 June 2010 (UTC)

Words needing clarification

The following words are considered by some to be ambiguous and deserve clarification as to their proper use. Feel free to add to this list, but please do not remove words.

  • open source, open-source
  • Fedora project, Fedora Project, Fedora
  • Fedora Community vs. Fedora community, Fedora
  • project, group, program, sub-project, team
  • package, application, command, program
  • updates-testing, Test Updates, testing repository, test repository