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  1. Install Publican and the Fedora branding:
    su -c "yum install publican publican-fedora"
  2. Make sure you have an updated source set from the version control system
  3. Branch as appropriate for new work, e.g.: git branch f11-publican-conversion
  4. Switch to the branch, e.g.: git checkout f11-publican-conversion
  5. The XML is written in a primary language, for example, US English. This is needs to be stored in a sub-directory that is named in a method acceptable to Publican: lang-country. For example, en-US. If the guide used a different method, the XML-holding directory needs to be created or renamed:
    git mv en_US en-US
    • Commit fine-grained activities changes regularly
  6. Create a blank Publican book for parts harvesting:
    cd /tmp; create_book --name=Guide_Name --brand=fedora --lang=en-US --type=Book
  7. Copy in the template Makefile:
    cd /path/to/guide_name ; cp /tmp/Guide_Name/Makefile ./
  8. If there are existing translations to work from, add the language codes in to the Publican-based Makefile
  9. Download this tarball. Extract it to your current directory and run: en-US/rpm-info.xml