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If for whatever reason, the autotest server has trouble connecting to a client test system, it will first attempt to Repair the system. If the repair operation fails, it will change the system status to Failed. This page documents how to correct systems in a Failed state.

Determine the problem

As always, first determine what the problem is. Is the client test system available

Address problem

Return system to autotest

With the problem resolved, you can tell autotest that the system is once again available for testing.

  1. Login to the autotest server
  2. Using the atest command, mark the test system as Ready
    $ atest host mod -y
    Set status to Ready for host:
Incorrect information
The newer autotest-0.12.0 release no longer supports the above command-line syntax. Investigation into a proper method is underway (see Please update this section when a conclusion has been reached.