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This page is largely taken from Sean Daly's email on how Sugar Labs monitors press - a draft started by Mel Chua that needs substantial cleanup.

No automagical system - I prefer "very light" - just persistent monitoring with tools, and judicious sharing of interesting links to the SL marketing list; I try to tag list messages with searchable terms. When I need to find messages, I use keywords plus "" Google syntax

And certainly not just me working, either - other marketing team members mail me or mail the list; most such caught articles are interesting. better to spend 30 seconds on a basic article (or false positive googled fake blog) than to miss an interesting article

keywords are everything - asky myself how will people try to google you?

  • "sugar labs"
  • "sugar on a stick"
  • "olpc"
  • "one laptop per child"
  • others?

tools sites:

  • Google news alerts
  • Google blog alerts
  • Technorati blog searches
  • Smart news aggregator Newssift (
  • Smart news aggregator Daylife (
  • Lurking in forums where people discuss Sugar
  • Paying close attention to what commenters say under articles about

OLPC and Sugar Labs

  • Occasionally, other exotic sources such as Media Cloud


If serious error in article, direct mail to journalist/blogger offering corrected information and how to contact; if no update or reply by journalist, sometimes comment under article, sometimes not - case-by-case basis

No nitpicking over minor errors if angle/tone of article positive

Any journalist/blogger writing about SL/OLPC added to PR mailing list