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What is the default wallpaper?

The default wallpaper is the background image that is shipped across Fedora desktops (GNOME, KDE, LXDE, XFCE, etc.) by default. Where else is it used:

  • It's used as a design element on the sleeve of printed Fedora media.
  • It is used in the release banner and countdown banners for the website.
  • It's the background of the release party poster template

The default wallpaper for Fedora changes every release version. It's a visible way to link the Fedora desktop with a particular release. We strongly encourage the use of the free software available in Fedora in the creation of this wallpaper so it can serve as an example of what you can create using Fedora.

The wallpaper is very loosely inspired by the codename for a given release.

How do I manage the default wallpaper process?

Here's the process the wallpaper wrangler will need to manage:

Set the deadlines for the wallpaper creation

The contest should probably be complete so that the winner is packaged for the Beta.

Lead the definition of the theme for the wallpaper

This can happen as soon as a codename is announced. The wrangler will need to work with members of the design team to come up with a theme statement to provide inspiration and guidance to wallpaper artists.

Make sure the Fedora community knows about the default wallpaper process and recruit them

It will be important to announce the wallpaper design contest. This should be done on, on the design-team mailing list, on and twitter with the #fedora hashtag. We want folks in the Fedora community to provide their feedback and get involved.

Recruit new artists to come to Fedora and participate in the wallpaper development

This could mean advertising the wallpaper design contest to artists and groups on DeviantArt and on Flickr. Submissions will be posted to our artboard.

Monitor submissions

Submissions need to be monitor to make sure inappropriate content (whether it's the content of the submission or the license of the submission) is flagged and dealt with.

Support the artists involved

Make sure artists competing in the contest are given useful feedback / critique so that they can polish their art.

Narrow the submissions

As default wallpaper wrangler, you'll need to narrow down the submissions to a set for the entire Fedora community to vote on. At an appropriate point in the schedule, the wrangler will need to call a meeting or a vote amongst members of the design team to determine the finalists (5-10) for the default wallpaper.

Run the voting process

You'll need to run the Fedora community vote on a default wallpaper. This will involve getting the election set up in the Fedora elections application and posting a blog on planet Fedora and to the announce mailing list so the Fedora community knows that the vote is going on and will participate.

Liason with 'winning' artist and help ensure delivery of final polished artwork

The winner of the wallpaper contest will need to work with the design team to continue polishing their wallpaper so it is ready for final release. The contest should probably be complete so that the winner is packaged for the Beta.

The other finalist wallpapers should also be continued to be polished, and will be shipped as the official Fedora release wallpaper pack (but not installed by default.) (E.g., for Fedora 16 this would be fedora-verne-wallpaper-pack)

The supplemental wallpaper process is a separate process.

Final Preparation of Artwork

The artwork should be provided in PNG or JPG format in the three ratios below:

  • Normalish: 1280x1024
  • Standard: 2048x1536
  • Wides: 1920x1200

Default Wallpaper Wrangler History

  • Fedora 16: Maria 'Tatica' Leandro