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This page will show you how to make an update to the Fedora Insight theme. Currently the theme is packaged to make things easier for Infrastructure.

This is out of date.
We now have the devel server pulling straight from git master. However, we need to set up separate branches for development and staging, and use master just for the production site. Then this process can be simplified tremendously!

You need to have Fedora packaging tools installed, and you must have your system set up so that you can make RPM packages, and use Koji to build a binary package from an SRPM. If you're not sure how to do this, consult someone for help in Insight's IRC channel. You can find IRC channel information on the main Insight wiki page.

  1. First, grab a copy of the git repository:
    git clone git://
    cd fedora-insight-theme
    Make changes as needed, commit, and push.
  2. Update the .spec file in the repository with a new version number, such as 0.3.1. Commit and push this change as well.
  3. Once changes are done, assign a new release tag to the branch, matching the new version number. If you're not sure how to tag, run the following command to see the existing tags:
    git tag -l

    To assign the new tag, run this command (using the appropriate tag name in place of 0.3.1):

    git tag 0.3.1

    The push the tag out to the shared repository:

    git push --tags
  4. Copy the .spec file to your ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/ folder:
    cp fedora-insight-theme.spec ~/rpmbuild/SPECS

    Make a tarball of the fedora/ folder in the current repo:

    tar czf fedora-insight-theme-<version>.tar.gz fedora/
  5. Copy it to your ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/ folder:

    cp fedora-insight-theme-<version>.tar.gz ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES
  6. Now you can build a source RPM and send it to Koji to build:
    rpmbuild -bs ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/fedora-insight-theme.spec
    koji build --scratch dist-6E-epel ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS/fedora-insight-theme-<verrel>.src.rpm
    Take note of the build ID and URL -- you'll need that to refer to the build when it's done. If you want, you can add the --nowait option so that you can do other things at the terminal, and check the URL later for results.
  7. Once the build is done, visit the Fedora Infrastructure team at #fedora-admin[?] and request that someone add the finished package from the Koji URL to the Infrastructure repo. If no one is available to do this quick task, file a ticket in the Fedora Infrastructure Trac. (You may need to log in first.)

Once the package has been added, the new theme will be available on the server within an hour, once puppet runs and updates the host.