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IPW2200 Installation Guide

The IPW200 wireless device is a common internal RF device on most modern Notebooks. The firmware required to enable your wireless is not install by default due to a Software License. These few steps below will enable you to get your wireless up and running in Feodra in no time at all. These notew apply to the Gnome Desktop Environment.

1. Obtain the firmware tarball. [IPW2200 Firmware download Click your version to openthe License Agreement page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "I Agree" to download the archive. Save the archive to your home directory.

2. Open your File browser (Nautilus) to your home folder. Create a folder named firmware. Right click the archive and choose "Open with Archive Manager". Click Extract button. Extract the files into the firmware folder you created.

3. Open a terminal window and Switch to root ( su -). Change to the directory of the extracted files.


cd /home/username/firmware 

4. Copy the files to the /lib/firmware directory

cp * /lib/firmware 

5. Next we need to unload and reload the ipw2200 module

rmmod ipw2200
modprobe ipw2200

6. If you run iwconfig now, you should see a access point generated in the terminal window.

7. Next, Run the following command in the terminal to configure your Wireless Device


or go to the GnomeMenu and choose System -> Administration -> Network.

Click the "New" button to add a Device. Select the "Wireless Connection" and choose Next. You should see your IPW2200 wireless device listed. Select it and continue with the wizard entering your connection information. Save the settings and reboot the system.

See NetworkManager
The steps below are involved with NetworkManager

8. You should see the sweeping radar in the system tray click it and choose Create New Wireless Network.

File:IPW2200 NetworkManager.png

9. When you are connected you should receive a confirmation window

File:IPW2200 NetworkManagerConnected.png