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What is the FAS2 Migration?

FAS2 (Stands for Fedora Account System 2) is an upgrade of our current accountsystem to a new one based on TurboGears.

How does it affect me?

The migration, currently scheduled for 2008-03-11 15:00 UTC (type "date -d '2008-03-11 15:00 UTC" to get it in your local time) will have all of your account and information moved automatically. After the move is complete however we're requiring everyone to change their password. You can keep it the same if you like though this is strongly discouraged.

What do I have to do?

The only step you have to do is change your password sometime after 2008-03-11 15:00 UTC but before 2008-03-18 15:00 UTC (one week later). You can do this at An email will be sent out after the migration is complete. Another reminder will be sent out a day or two before your account is flagged expired or inactive if you have not changed your password.

What if I don't reset my password?

If you don't reset your password your account will be flagged invalid and you will have to log in to and reset your password. You will _not_ be able to access Fedora resources with an invalid account so be sure you change your password!

Why do I have to reset my password?

A lot of theory goes in to password rotations. It should be noted that we are not instituting that here. Instead this is a way for us to better get a handle on what users we actually have in Fedora (metrics) as well as to remove outstanding or old accounts who may still have access to things like CVS or other parts of our infrastructure but who have no one actually using those accounts (Security).

It is un-clear how often we will request people change their passwords though there is _no_ plan on logging old passwords and making sure new passwords are always used. We are interested in discussing this further though and the Fedora-Infrastructure-List is the best place for it.

Whats new in the new account system?

The biggest changes are behind the scenes. We should have quicker update times to sync accounts as well as better interfaces to the account system (OpenID, json, etc). An online help system will make it easier for users to get around and a simplified CLA signature will lower the barrier for new contributors.