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Meeting of 2006-02-02

*** Time shown in CST

[14:15:53]   <mmcgrath>  So the Infrastructure meeting today, its not listed on the website. Should we have it anyway?
[14:16:42]   <JeffreyTadlock> Looks like we have several of us here.
[14:16:51]   <xDamox> Wheres elliot
[14:16:52]   * f13 is just an observer.
[14:16:53]   <nman64> Missing Sopwith.
[14:17:30]   <ja8sun> Does anyone know the agenda? What shall we discuss?
[14:17:32]   <f13> I don't see him here or on RH irc
[14:17:35]   <mmcgrath> We'll have to get started without him
[14:17:47]   <mmcgrath> We'll use the schedules page on the wiki.
[14:17:53]   <mmcgrath> first roll call  :-)  who's here?
[14:18:00]   <JeffreyTadlock> Here.
[14:18:00]   <xDamox> me
[14:18:03]   <ja8sun> here
[14:18:14]   <mmcgrath> I'm here too.
[14:18:24]   <mmcgrath> Item number one is the request tracker.... OTRS.
[14:18:39]   <mmcgrath> I'm almost done packaging it, I'll have it submitted to extras before next weeks meeting for sure.
[14:18:52]   <mmcgrath> I'll send an email to the list when it gets submitted if anyone's interested i testing it.
[14:19:03]   <mmcgrath> Item number 2 is Elliot's GIT server.
[14:19:03]   <ja8sun> Sounds good
[14:19:15]   <mmcgrath> From what I understand this is up and running and available to the public now.
[14:19:16]   <xDamox> yea, Ill test it
[14:19:58]   <mmcgrath> Though I'll leave it up to elliot as to whether or not its actually done and can be moved to "done"
[14:20:18]   <mmcgrath> Item number 3 (going to be a quick meeting :-)...
[14:20:28]   <mmcgrath> Integration of Seth's and the Red Hat boxes.
[14:20:39]   <mmcgrath> It has a due date of Feburary 6th but I know Seth's been busy.
[14:21:19]   <mmcgrath> Actually though I don't think this is too far off from being done anyway.
[14:21:39]   <mmcgrath> Item 4: Monitoring...
[14:21:54]   <mmcgrath> Nagios 2.0 is in FE and soon the plugins will be too.
[14:22:09]   <mmcgrath> We can set this up on any box for a test, here was my idea for notification...
[14:22:37]   <mmcgrath> Set up a nagios list that people can subscribe to. They can use all kinds of clever mail filters on this if they want to get notified.
[14:22:52]   <mmcgrath> But other than that for specific admins I figured I'd leave it up to everyone to setup what they get notified about and what they don't.
[14:22:56]   <mmcgrath> What do you think?
[14:23:15]   <JeffreyTadlock> That sounds good, it would let each person tailor things to their needs.
[14:23:20]   <mmcgrath> Since most of us will have access to the system.
[14:23:29]   <xDamox> yea
[14:23:32]   <ja8sun> Sounds good to me
[14:23:46]   <f13> nagios also has the ability to trigger if somebody is working on an issue
[14:23:55]   <f13> this can help duplication of effort
[14:24:00]   <mmcgrath> yeah, once we get it set up we'll need to agree to use it.
[14:24:05]   <xDamox> mmcgrath, see the proxy2 box the /var/www/webtest do you require any special privilage as elliot told me I could use that for testing pootypedia
[14:24:36]   <mmcgrath> Once something gets flagged is broken, whoever takes it will have to acknowledge it with a note that say's they're working on it.
[14:24:53]   <mmcgrath> xDamonx: I don't think so. Not at the time being anyway  :-D
[14:25:15]   <xDamox> I've tried adding a dir but I get permission denied
[14:25:21]   <xDamox> Ill ask elliot about it
[14:25:40]   <mmcgrath> Yeah, I can look into it too. I have sudo on that box.
[14:25:48]   <xDamox> ok
[14:25:50]   <mmcgrath> You might too actually  :-)  not sure though.
[14:25:58]   <mmcgrath> Item number 5: Metrics
[14:26:06]   <mmcgrath> This has been pushed down in priority but its still important.
[14:26:20]   <mmcgrath> I don't think we have any idea about the utilization of our mirrors and such.
[14:26:30]   <mmcgrath> This involves bouncer and I think Elliot is working on it mostly.
[14:27:06]   <mmcgrath> which brings us to item 6: mirror management.
[14:27:51]   <mmcgrath> I've never used Bouncer so I really don't know the first thing about it. I think Elliot is working on it but if anyone else out there knows bouncer you might be able to take it off his hands?
[14:28:11]   <mmcgrath> Or at least help him with it, he's got a lot on his plate right now.
[14:28:51]   <xDamox> I aint used bouncer
[14:28:58]   <xDamox> I might look into it tho
[14:29:01]   <JeffreyTadlock> I haven't used it either.
[14:29:03]   <mmcgrath> heh, we'll put that one off for a bit  :-)
[14:29:19]   <nman64> Bouncer experience is not required.  Some hackers who are willing to learn would be great.
[14:29:20]   <mmcgrath> On to Pootypedia, how's that going?
[14:29:40]   <xDamox> I recived an email of the developer saying he was having trouble with FC4
[14:29:46]   <mmcgrath> nman64: totally, just takes time and brains  :-D
[14:29:48]   <xDamox> as it differs alot in bindings
[14:29:51]   ***  Sopwith has joined chat #fedora-admin.
[14:30:00]   <nman64> Hey, Sopwith!
[14:30:02]   <mmcgrath> Thats interesting
[14:30:08]   <xDamox> but I sent him some sample code to help
[14:30:08]   <mmcgrath> sopwith: afternoon
[14:30:16]   <mmcgrath> have they been responsive?
[14:30:16]   <Sopwith> heya!
[14:30:32]   <xDamox> nope
[14:30:38]   <xDamox> it was just very simple code I got
[14:30:40]   <mmcgrath> thats unfortunate  :-(
[14:30:56]   <xDamox> I will have a email from him this weekend
[14:30:59]   <xDamox> about it all
[14:31:45]   <xDamox> I also emailed jason about it
[14:32:09]   <xDamox> so by the next meeting I should be able to see if we are able to use Pootypedia
[14:32:12]   <mmcgrath> Sounds good. if pootypedia doesn't work out do we have any backup plan?
[14:32:19]   <Sopwith> Hack more on pootypedia!  :)
[14:32:32]   <mmcgrath> heh  :-D
[14:32:42]   <xDamox> Sopwith, does it have to be coded in Python or would Perl be ok?
[14:33:02]   <f13> python is good
[14:33:05]   <nman64> Pretend Python is required.
[14:33:15]   <xDamox> ok
[14:33:15]   <ja8sun^ I would think  Python
[14:33:34]   <Sopwith> I can't stomach the thought of doing new development in Perl.
[14:33:42]   <xDamox> ok np
[14:33:44]   <Sopwith> Oh no, I just realized it is meeting time and I was late. Sorry guys!
[14:33:51]   <ja8sun> xDamox: it is pretty easily to learn
[14:34:02]   <mmcgrath> sopwith: its cool, we just got to pooty pedia if you'd like to take over from here  :-D
[14:34:46]   <Sopwith> You guys are doing great. Let me know when you want an update from me...  :)
[14:34:49]   <xDamox> Ill be able to tell you the status by the next meeting
[14:34:52]   <ja8sun> sopwith: no problem, mmcgrath was doing great
[14:35:33]   <xDamox> I been trying to get into the Linux Labs at university to try mess with HAL in C/C++ but they aint letting me in
[14:35:45]   <mmcgrath> Thats a bummer.
[14:35:57]   <xDamox> yea
[14:36:43]   <xDamox> Ill keep asking for access tho
[14:36:59]   <mmcgrath> awesome.
[14:37:07]   <mmcgrath> The next item is the load balancer
[14:37:10]   <f13> Sopwith: I do believe somebod yneeded some access to test nagios.
[14:37:22]   <f13> and metrics was brought up which needed your attention.
[14:37:42]   <JeffreyTadlock> I posted my email to the list earlier this week, which seemed to veer us towards a possible hardware based solution.
[14:37:52]   <JeffreyTadlock> for load balancing.
[14:38:20]   <mmcgrath> JeffreyTadlock: I'd be onboard for that, any one else have thoughts about that?
[14:38:49]   <Sopwith> I think the basic deal with the load balancer is that since it now sounds like Stacy is willing to get us a separate one for Fedora, so let's have him do that.
[14:39:25]   <JeffreyTadlock^ That sounds fine to me as well.
[14:39:31]   <ja8sun+ sounds good
[14:39:48]   <JeffreyTadlock> If something falls through, maybe we can look at the Webmux mmcgrath posted about.
[14:40:18]   <Sopwith> There is already one LB in PHX that gafton was using before I opened the infrastructure up. There were concerns about using that LB for Fedora at this point, because it also serves the company database. It sounds like getting a separate LB should let us deal with the security concerns.
[14:40:19]   <mmcgrath> I have to say I liked the webmux, it was easy and it worked. Even though it looked like it was about to blow up  :-D
[14:41:39]   <Sopwith> So basically, that's on hold and on Stacy's plate, and we just have to wait. I'm pretty sure we can do without for now - it's not like we have a lot of traffic to handle at present.  :)
[14:42:04]   <mmcgrath> Thats true, we'll leave it where it is for now until we hear back from Stacy.
[14:42:24]   <mmcgrath> Next item is SSL for, any news on that?
[14:42:46]   <Sopwith> skvidal is still in NZ, AFAIK.
[14:43:16]   <Sopwith> Part of getting SSL may involve migrating the wiki to (although this may be affected by the plans of the website team)
[14:43:50]   <mmcgrath> One the business side of things, what business would the cert be registered under?
[14:44:00]   <Sopwith> Fedora Foundation.
[14:44:03]   <mmcgrath> s/One/On/
[14:44:19]   <mmcgrath> got'cha.
[14:44:21]   <Sopwith> Ooh, that's another expense I need to budget for.
[14:44:43]   <mmcgrath> How's the migration going? For some reason I thought that was done already?
[14:45:26]   <Sopwith> Nope. I did get an update from Bernd this week. He says that he still wanted to get it done sometime, but he has been reassigned so it may go slowly.
[14:45:49]   <mmcgrath> Got'cha.
[14:45:51]   <Sopwith> We discussed getting the perl code for the system into public cvs, so that damien could hack on it  :)
[14:46:09]   <mmcgrath> ah-hah
[14:46:17]   <Sopwith> xdamox: If you would e-mail and tell him you are interested in helping with the system, I'm sure that would motivate him to get things opened up  :)
[14:46:55]   <xDamox> ok that about the translation sys
[14:47:12]   <Sopwith> Yup.
[14:47:19]   <xDamox> ok will do  :)
[14:47:26]   <Sopwith> Basically, a bunch of scripts to track translators and translation status.
[14:47:38]   <Sopwith> Cool!
[14:47:50]   <xDamox> ok Ill get in touch
[14:48:28]   <mmcgrath> I was wondering about that too.
[14:48:50]   <mmcgrath> And the final item on the list: Account system rewrite/enhancements.
[14:49:06]   <mmcgrath> Any news on that?
[14:49:24]   <Sopwith> Not from me, anyways. I won't have time to do that until idweb & bouncer get done.
[14:49:42]   <mmcgrath> I figured thats why it was at the bottom of the list  :-D
[14:49:49]   <nman64> I am also looking for time to play with that.
[14:50:42]   * Sopwith has another todo item, mostly for nman64  :)
[14:50:56]   <nman64> O_o
[14:51:02]   <mmcgrath> heh, whats that/
[14:52:06]   <Sopwith> All of the Fedora Foundation board got together yesterday and tried to nail down the Road Ahead, in the interests of getting the FF's act together so we can declare ourselves open for business...
[14:52:40]   <Sopwith> Plenty of todo items on the agenda. I guess the relevant thing here is the need to have a proper Fedora Foundation web site for the launch.
[14:53:00]   <Sopwith> Which would suggest having a new web infrastructure/CMS in place.
[14:53:28]   <mmcgrath> I guess we'll need a website if we're going to announce all that.
[14:53:31]   <Sopwith> I know this is more websites team stuff, but I get the sense that they would like to start staging a zope+plone setup, and that's where We can help.
[14:54:45]   <mmcgrath> Sopwith: we'll add it to the list  :-D
[14:54:57]   <mmcgrath> what priority do you think it should be at?
[14:55:12]   <mmcgrath> I get the sense that the Fedora Foundation declariton is coming sooner than later?
[14:55:32]   <f13> Sopwith: thats what ya'll were doing in Westford yesterday (and today?)
[14:55:42]   <Sopwith> I think the informal "hope" is to tell the world about it at FUDCon Boston in April...
[14:55:50]   <Sopwith> f13: Yup, it was.
[14:56:00]   <Sopwith> (I'm back in RDU now.)
[14:57:12]   <mmcgrath> Welp we'll add it to our schedule.
[14:57:34]   <mmcgrath> Anyone else have anything before the meeting ends?
[14:57:59]   <Sopwith> git is up and running, just FYI.
[14:58:21]   <mmcgrath> are people using it or is it just available now?
[14:58:24]   <Sopwith> Stacy will be in PHX for a week starting Feb 16, so we can expect the new boxes to become available then.
[14:58:49]   <Sopwith> mmcgrath: A couple of RH people are using it. We may need to publicize it and document it a bit more.
[14:59:32]   <mmcgrath> Sopwith: Should we add it to the wiki?
[14:59:53]   <Sopwith> Yea, guess so.
[15:00:14]   <mmcgrath> Sweeeeeet.
[15:00:21]   <mmcgrath> Welp unless anyone has anything else  :-D
[15:00:22]   <mmcgrath> 20
[15:00:28]   <mmcgrath> 15
[15:00:33]   <mmcgrath> 10
[15:00:40]   <mmcgrath> 5
[15:00:42]   <mmcgrath> 4
[15:00:43]   <mmcgrath> 3
[15:00:45]   <mmcgrath> 2
[15:00:49]   <mmcgrath> 1
[15:01:02]   <mmcgrath> Until next week: Meeting END