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The Fedora 9 release is coming up quickly.

Due to some network "challenges" within Red Hat, we are having difficulty getting all the bits distributed to the master mirrors, and therefore, difficulty in getting bits out to all the Fedora mirrors.

To speed getting the bits out to all mirrors, the following actions will be taken. One of these plans will happen, we don't know which one yet. :-)

Actions Common to All Plans

  • Disable fedora-linux-{core,extras}* rsync modules on the master mirrors. Add MOTD announcement directing people to . This content is no longer updated, and anyone using these should switch to another rsync module.

Action Plan C


  • New Tier 0 mirrors, and These can pull from the Red Hat master mirror via Internet2.
  • Tier 1 mirrors on Internet2 pull from one of the Tier 0 mirrors. Tier 1 pull from download* as normal.
  • All other mirrors should pull from a Tier 1 mirror using that mirror's private rsync port. See for access information.

  • IN CASE OF EMERGENCY ONLY: Disable rsync access to download* to all except the Tier 1 mirrors, for 1 day after the bits are available. This gives the Tier 1 mirrors a chance to get the bits.