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Project Sponsor

Name: Bill Nottingham

Wiki Name: BillNottingham

Fedora Account Name: notting

Group: FESCo/rel-eng

Infrastructure Sponsor:

Secondary Contact info

Name: Jesse Keating

Wiki Name: JesseKeating

Fedora Account Name: jkeating

Group: FESCo/rel-eng

Project Info

Project Name: Compose machines

Target Audience: release engineering

Expiration Date (required): 2007-07-18


(Jesse may end up being the lead for this. Just attempting to get this started.)

In the process of attempting to get rawhide up and running, it became clear to me that we need some semi-dedicated hardware for the purpose of composing trees.

Project plan (Detailed):

We need to build trees - rawhide, test releases, actual releases, etc. This requires hardware to do the tree builds on.


To be able to build trees with reasonable turnaround time.

Specific resources needed

1. A machine to run the compose process (mash) on)

  • Reasonably fast machine (dep-checking is slow)
  • up to 2GB of memory (dep-checking takes oodles of memory)
  • As local of filesystem access to whatever is /mnt/koji as possible (the current NFS export isn't really cutting it - ~30 minutes to run createrepo)
  • A decent amount of scratch space for ISOs (or, we can write them to /mnt/koji)
  • 100~200G of local storage for pungi composes before being rsynced to /mnt/koji
  • xinetd set up to be an rsync host to pull from
  • A private user with gpg keys to sign packages, and lots of local space to write out signed packages to import

1. Architecture specific machines to run pungi on

  • One for each arch
  • If we use x86_64 for #1, then i386 and x86_64 could both be done on that box

More later...

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