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Project Sponsor

Name: Greg !DeKoenigsberg

Wiki Name: GregDeKoenigsberg

Fedora Account Name: gregdek (I think)

Group: Um... board? Board emeritus?

Infrastructure Sponsor: Mike !McGrath

Secondary Contact info

Name: Mike !McGrath

Wiki Name: MikeMcGrath

Fedora Account Name: mmcgrath (I think)

Group: Fedora infrastructure

Project Info

Project Name: Free Media Request system

Target Audience: Users of the Free Media project

Expiration Date (required): never, I hope.


Build a workflow that makes it *dead easy* for people to participate in the FreeMedia project.

Project plan (Detailed): 1. Build a turbogears app in a stage environment. 1. Push it live. 1. Send every Fedora ambassador on Earth to join the FreeMedia project. 1. Recognize ambassadors who are kicking ass in FreeMedia.


To dramatically increase the number of FreeMedia requests that are served throughout the world.

Specific resources needed

I don't know what's possible here. Ideally, I'd have a Xen instance with a test copy of the Fedora Account System and Turbogears installed. And then when we're ready to deploy, I might need a hand getting it integrated with the Real Fedora Account System, in such a way that we don't screw stuff up.

Additional Info (Optional)