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Project Sponsor

Name: Josh Bressers

Wiki Name: JoshBressers

Fedora Account Name: bressers

Group: Fedora Security Response Team

Infrastructure Sponsor: LukeMacken

Secondary Contact info

Name: Mark Cox

Wiki Name: MarkCox

Fedora Account Name: mjc

Group: Fedora Security Response Team

Project Info

Project Name: Fedora Security Response Team

Target Audience: Fedora users

Expiration Date (required): 2007-06-30 Description/Summary: The Fedora Security Response Team is the group responsible for tracking the various security flaws that affect Fedora. The primary responsibilities of the group are to triage incoming security flaws, ensuring proper updates are produced, and create security advisories as needed.

There will always be more incoming flaws than there are people to ensure things get fixed. It is imperative we have a way to prioritize flaws so the most important things get fixed first.

Project plan (Detailed): We would appreciate a space to run various tools to assist the team in these tasks. Initially there is an IRC bot and an XMLRPC server. The long term goal is to produce a variety of tools to assist the team in tracking security flaws.

Goals: The goal of this team is to ensure that Fedora installations are not vulnerable to dangerous security vulnerabilities. Part of achieving this goal is to have the proper tools to allow us to track and fix things in an sensible and ordered manner.

Specific resources needed

A Xen instance would be ideal, but shell access somewhere would work as well.