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Jack Neely

I run the Linux Initiative at NC State University -- the same campus as Red Hat's corperate headquarters. I do a bit of everything from managing/creating the Linux distribution based on Red Hat products, deployment tools, tier 3 support, and all the politics around Open Source on campus. Check out NCSU's [Campus Linux Services] for information about Linux at NCSU.


  • Email: jjneely AT
  • Work Email: jjneely AT
  • Website:
  • IRC Nick: slack on
  • GPG Fingerprint: 1917 5AC1 E828 9337 7AA4 EA6B 213B 765F 3B6A 5B89
  • Fedora Username: I am jjneely on the Fedora Account System

Activities within Fedora

  • I have a bit of code in Yum
  • I've patched Up2date, Anaconda, Moin, things here and there
  • I wrote the support for the Fedora Kmod standard in Yum. (The yum-fedorakmod sub-package.)

Other Open Source Work

  • Maintainer of [Current], an implementation of a server for the RHN protocol, although the project is mostly defunct at this point
  • Several odds and end on my website and via NCSU Campus Linux Services. See the [Projects] page on my website to get a more detailed look.