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Fedora Spin Release Process Amendments

The following proposals are amendments to the baseline Spin Process.

Source Images

We commit to creating and hosting equivalent source images that match the target binary image format for each released spin and any updated spins.

Spin Rotation and Permanent Spins

Normally, a spin will need to be re-proposed for each release cycle. Because there are many competing ideas for spins, the number of proposed spins may change with each release and a new balance needs to be struck.

To ensure continued diversity in the released spins, when there are more proposed release spins than hosting space, long lived spins will be preferentially dropped to make room for newer spin concepts. However, if Release Engineer desires they can promote a spin to permanent status. A permanent spin does not have to be re-proposed each release. For each permanent spin that Release Engineering selects, hosting space must be guaranteed for a 'rotating' spin as well. For example, if Release Engineering decided to make the dvd sized Developer Spin a permanent spin, then we must be able to provide hosting for an additional dvd sized proposed spin each release. This way, we are able to balance long term interests with new spin ideas without over committing our spin hosting resources.

The Fedora Board +1 Option

When space estimates are being made for the number of release spins which can be hosted for a particular release, space will be set aside for one additional dvd release and update for the Board to choose at its discretion. If the Board chooses to use this option and promote a specific spin proposal for a release, then the Board takes on the full responsibility for the maintenance of the resulting images. The Board must decide if its going to use this option by the communicated spin release proposal deadline as set by Release Engineering. If the Board does not communicate its desire to use this option by the deadline, then the option lapses and Release Engineering no longer has to reserve the space in its decision making process.