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Event information

The « Journée de l'Informatique Libre (JIL) » is an event organized by the association PostPro. Each year, in January, the JIL is the occasion to see the local community and some conferences wich have free software for subject.

It was the only important event about free software in Toulon each year.

When and Where

  • Saturday the 15th of January : 10h-19h
  • CREP les Lices, Toulon. France



I have represented the Fedora Project and Fedora-fr during this event with a stand. I had the possibility to talk with many persons, most of whom were interested by Fedora. The possibility that I organize the 2012 edition had been mentioned, I have contacted the organization for that. In that case, I would present Fedora during a conference. I have enforced the link with local associations, what is very important because Fedora is the only GNU/Linux 's major distribution which is not represented in those associations.


  • CDs Fedora 14 32 bits : 15 (5 have been distributed, 2 with dons)
  • T-shirts : 4

The organization had ordered many 'Linux Pratique Essentiels' (an important Linux's magazine in France) about Fedora 13, a very good article. But there was too many magazines, and the organization gave me 25 of them to promote Fedora during future events.