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Fedora Events: Journée du Libre 4






  • First It coincides with my trip to Mauritius. It is possible to sell Fedora goodies (T-shirts for example) for fund raising. Alone it will be difficult for me to handle.
  • Booth Reserved;
  • ChitleshGoorah: i'm responsible for .org booths so fedora will have a booth for free what other lugs members said
  • ChitleshGoorah: but the problem here lies that there aren't enough sponsors; we, (local members) have decided that we should at least have 10 commercial booths to continue with this event
  • ChitleshGoorah: during this event there will be conferences, I can't do both (booth and conference); if anyone wants to join in for the conference i'll set things up :)
  • ThomasCanniot: if i can come i'll be on the booth it's not a problem for me