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This is a program list from a K12 Open Minds 2009 session where people list out their favourite open source programs for classroom usage. Thanks to Mel Chua for transcribing this! Actually, that gives us a list of twenty non-packaged applications (excluding plugins)!

Application Name Packaging Status Detailed Description
office packaged for wordprocessing, presentations, spreadsheets; drawing module (attendee notes that there are better things for flowcharts); database thing is called base
ooo4kids not packaged might want to get that packaged
abiword packaged
koffice packaged
firefox packaged extensions are not really packagable
adblock not packaged firefox plugin
foxmarks not packaged firefox plugin
xmarks not packaged firefox plugin
stumbleupon not packaged firefox plugin
scribefire not packaged firefox plugin
thunderbird packaged
quicktext not packaged thunderbird plugin
evolution packaged
zimbra not packaged difficult
mailarchive not packaged
planet packaged
wp-mu packaged
pidgin packaged
liferea packaged google reader isn't open source
tt-rss not packaged web service
gallery packaged
gimp packaged
sumopaint not packaged
inkscape packaged
gimpshop not packaged photoshop ui on top of gimp
open clipart web service somewhat packaged, mo says
gnu paint not packaged
scribus packaged
tuxpaint packaged
pencil not packaged
stopmotion not packaged
gpaint not packaged
dia packaged
phatch packaged
rasterbator not packaged
posterazor packaged
synfig not packaged
blender packaged
cinelerra not packaged
wordle not packaged
xmind not packaged
tuxmath packaged
gcompris packaged a whole childhood education suite
kdeedu packaged
scratch not packaged licensing unclear
squeak packaged
etoys packaged
sugar packaged as well as turtleart
soas entire os
geogebra not packaged
kstars not packaged
kmplot not packaged
kturtle packaged in kdeedu
audio & video
kdenlive packaged In RPMFusion Free
audacity packaged
hydrogen packaged
musescore packaged