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Kadischi : Schedule
This is Kadischi freeform TODO list. Contributors will keep it up-to-date.
Tasks are ordered by importance, DESC Kadischi

Kadischi : TODO Lists

Kadischi is the tool.

FedoraLiveCD is the product.

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Before filing a TODO, please ensure which area does it belong to.

Hot Spot

Topic Contributor Dates Comments
Kadischi Weekly Reports ChitleshGoorah Assigned : Each Friday Important
  • Document better the debug option
  • provide a way to strip down languages (from /usr/share/local) and docs (/usr/share/doc)
  • modify syslog and other things that log to keep shorter logs
  • implement backup/restore function for config files and used data (use linux4all b/r as a starting point)
  • make SELinux work on live system as some compressed filesystems do not support xattrs.
  • work around config file (make anaconda ignore %livecd section, make kadischi able to read that section)
  • create (and integrate) fancy little gui
  • get a script for kadischi to recognise graphics cards and automatically choose the related driver ( etc nv for nVidia, ...)
  • fix "unable to touch /.autorelabel" during the booting process of the livecd
  • Anaconda/Kadischi installations to HDD from LiveCD environments


  • Auto login into Fedora with fedora as the default user name.
  • Provide fedora and root usernames with blank passwords. Security is not a concern for a Live CD
  • Add some good introductory and promotional material in a desktop folder by default
  • provide a Fedora introduction in the bootup prompt by default

Kadischi : TODO Lists Completed

  • SquashFS as rootfs
  • Option passing to Anaconda
  • Expected size calculation of ISO image
  • Ejection of the LiveCD


  • Toshio Kuratomi
  • Chitlesh Goorah
  • Jasper Hartline



Simply queries RPMdb, and divides that by known SquashFS ratios

Uses the same method as find_live_cd.c