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Kadischi : Weekly Report 2006

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Kadischi : News

Jan 16, 2006

Jan 15, 2006

  • ChitleshGoorah's screenshots of Kadischi (at work) have been published at

Jan 09, 2006

  • ThijsHulshof announces in his email, "The Fedora Project is looking for developers to help with the LiveCD . Read here

Oct 13, 2005

  • A few more lines in documentation (Customizing live CD, How does Kadischi work (in details), Kadischi source tree)

Aug 30, 2005

  • From today, we're using bugzilla for bug tracking (see the details bellow)

Aug 29, 2005

  • Build files are slightly changed, and config files now have fixed location /etc/kadischi. If you had problems like "/etc/kadischi/build.conf: No such file or directory", you should update your source tree and rebuild Kadischi

Aug 28, 2005

  • added (very basic) repository validation function
  • instead of editing to match the repository, Kadischi now uses buildstamp file. The default one (for Fedora repository) is placed in /etc/kadischi, but there is also a command line option --buildstamp for selecting a custom file
  • introduced -T/--text, --graphic command line options for selecting anaconda UI mode
  • minor bugfixes

Mar 31, 2005

  • GregDeKoenigsberg announced Fedora Live CD project "kick off" in his mail