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This is ["Kadischi"] freeform TODO list. I find it very important and Ill do my best to keep it up-to-date. Tasks are ordered by importance, DESC

  • improve documentation
  • !! examine patches to anaconda. Some steps that would anaconda normally run are skipped in --livecd mode, and it isnt checked is it 100% safe to do
  • tweak firstboot so we could use it for system configuration
  • fix the problem with HWADDRs in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-*
  • fix the problem with fonts.dir (during system startup)
  • provide a way to strip down languages (from /usr/share/local) and docs (/usr/share/doc)
  • implement SquashFS (right now it works with zisofs)
  • modify syslog and other things that log to keep shorter logs
  • improve build system (work around .am and .ac files, build RPMs)
  • implement backup/restore function for config files and used data (use linux4all b/r as a starting point)
  • make SELinux work on live system
  • make kadischi forward command line options to anaconda (so it would be possible to pass options to anaconda)
  • modify anaconda to calculate expected size of iso image during package selection (when run in --livecd mode)
  • work around config file (make anaconda ignore %livecd section, make kadischi able to read that section)
  • create (and integrate) fancy little gui