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Current Testing Release

Fedora Core 6

Current testing needs

The following is a list of things which need to be tested to help ensure proper Greek Localization for Fedora Core

Test State Details Notes
Installer Graphical mode works
Installer text mode Fails check for if greek characters are visible in this mode
Desktop fonts Ugly desktop fonts for default sans-serif size 10 installation of unstable freetype2 from cvs removes this issue this is a freetype2 issue so an updated stable release or a backport fix will solve this problem
Desktop keyboard keyboard possible fails to switch (only on firstboot screen) when a user for a system is created keyboard is in Greek mode and combination of LShift+RShift to change keyboard is not working (please confirm on this)
Console fonts Corruption detected in one case
Console keyboard Mostly works, letter mi can not be typed though
Printing Not testet
Firefox Problems with fonts propably related with the issue of desktop fonts

Bugs found

The following bugs have been found. Please include a link to the bug in bugzilla.