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The Fedora Localization Project - Tools and Infrastructure

This an overview of the tools the Fedora Localization Project uses. This is not a complete list.


  • We work in teams, with each team being responsible for a language/region. The central place to list teams is at L10N_Teams, which we try to keep more or less up to date. If your team is not listed there, please file a bug report.
  • Every team should have a maintainer/coordinator. This is the contact point for the team, so that someone could say "thanks!" or "can someone from the team fix file X because it's broken?".
  • Maintainers could be members of a special group, cvsl10n-maintainers, to receive automatic notifications of new bugs being opened.


Repository access for translations

  • All translatable modules related to Fedora are listed on Transifex, together with the repository they are hosted on.
  • Some modules listed in Transifex can't be translated with it. Usually there are instructions for submitting translations in description of specific module. If not, open a bug report for the maintainer to commit your translation.
  • Project maintainers who would like to receive translations for their project should follow these instructions.

CVS of the Fedora Localization Project

The FLP has its own repository, to use it host project-specific resources (like the website, etc).

This repository is different from the repositories that host various software the FLP is translating.

The project's CVS space is on the l10n repository. Members of the cvsl10n group have access to it.

  • Anonymous checkout:
  • Eponymous checkout: export CVSROOT=:ext:<username> and cvs co <modulename>
  • Update your repository: cvs -z9 up (best done before you start with your translation work)
  • Check your files: msgfmt -c po/<lang>.po
  • Take a look at the status: msgfmt --stat po/<lang>.po
  • Commit your changed files: cvs commit [filename]
  • Add a new file to the CVS: cvs add [filename] then cvs commit [filename]


Useful Bugzilla pages:


Mailing list

There are some mailing lists that interest members of the FLP.

  • The main list is trans ([1]), which holds discussions about translations, team coordination, etc.
  • Technical issues are discussed at i18n. If you are interested in more than translations, like eg. our websites, Bugzilla, the mailing list, etc, you would want to join this as well.
  • Each team with over 2-3 members should have it's own mailing list. To request this, please open a ticket at fedora infrastructure. If you are to discuss only translations, a name like trans-XX is appropriate (eg. trans-de). If you have bigger plans and would like at some point to address also end-users, a name like XX-users could be considered.

IRC channel

  • #fedora-l10n on Freenode


Commits list

  • We've setup the group 'l10n-commits' for those who'd like to receive emails for commits in the /cvs/l10n/ repo and various other emails.
  • To subscribe, go to your account and add yourself to 'l10n-commits'. Unfortunately the system needs approval, so someone should jump in to approve you, which should happen really soon.